1. because all my friends, and now, all my family are there. I should just call them though, or visit.

    by Gods Child 2010-May-21 

  2. yes you shoulld really be calling them. nobody goes on fb for emotional support.

    by owen 2010-May-26 

  3. For networking.....Reconnecting with friends overseas.

    by Eqlektik 2010-May-22 

  4. people overseas are far away. so I heard

    by owen 2010-May-26 

  5. Because a better social networking application is yet to surface that i can waste time on. Oh and reconnecting with people from the past.

    by Tami 2010-May-24 

  6. I don't think its going to get any better before it gets worst. FB is forcing me to link my interests and work place to pages and I find that annoying. SO now I have no interests or work place

    by owen 2010-May-26 

  7. Because I need a life, I guess.

    by Mad Bull 2010-May-28 

  8. To enjoy my self. And to have fun with my friends.

    by Sanjid Mahmood Hamim 2010-Jul-13 

  9. to pass time in holidays or when we get bored after doing study

    by hahaha 2010-Oct-07 

  10. Because its awesome!!!!

    by Toya 2011-Mar-05 

  11. Friend in Crisis won't answer phone, only FB Posts. Go figure.

    by Cate Jones 2011-May-03