5 oclock Roadblock

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written by owen on 2010-Jul-20.

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I have not started a war with my neighbor in roughly 2 months. Mostly because I keep getting stopped by police and soldiers on the road on my way to work. Resulting in me being all edgy almost like I have a warrant out for my arrest (or my name is on some kinda interesting list). I cannot wait for this state of emergency thing to be over so that I can return to my regular life of servitude and crime. Last week a few rogue soldiers decided to set up a road on Marcus Garvey Drive. A road block which caused the Portmore traffic to pile up all the way back to the Air Jamaica building aka Air Trinidad. Only God knows how much further it went by the time sun set. Its is a minor inconvenience hopefully they catch the people who are committing all those murders and that dude that cut me off in traffic this morning on the narrow toll road (that they fixing).

Freedom is a minor inconvenience. Thank god I don't look like a criminal or look like a pastor cause dog woulda nyam mi suppa. I saw the soldiers pull over a guy in a suit that looked like Reverent Al Miller. Obviously he wasn't a pastor because he was driving a Toyota. Maybe he was going to a wedding. Remind me not to wear a tie to work again. Dem did a pree everybody, I hope they find who they were looking for. Pray you car doesn't have on dark tint or you are going to get stopped and searched. It maybe a good time to take that vacation to the country that you have been planning for the last couple a years.

Its only a matter of time before they start house to house searches in your neighborhood. I don't know how people live in Tivoli, I wish I could relate, I can't. If anything you can say that the one good thing that came out of this state of emergency is the fact that JPS got to go into the community and set up new anti-theft meters. So it go. Free paper bun. This state of emergency is obviously for poor people but the reduction in crime is merely a temporary side effect. The devil will always find work for idle hands. You have to give us work or make the lotto easier to win. I hope somebody is happy cause I'm not.

Hopefully with the help of Contractor General, Jamaica can be return to the heights of glory that it was was pre-1970s. We can go back to good old tourism and sugar cane. All I want is to be left alone with my microwave oven, chicken steak and cinemax.

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  1. Its people like you they are looking for. Too bad you are so thin, you slipped through their hands.

    The State of Emergency is good as where i frequent it doesnt affect me. Sometimes i wish it did so that i have a legitimate excuse to be late or cut work.

    They need to extend it to all the garrisons but i dont think they have enough manpower to facilitate funerals.

    by Tami 2010-Jul-21 

  2. so only too fat and slow people police can catch? lol

    by owen 2010-Jul-24 

  3. I sorry the SOE is such an inconvenience to you,imagine if they extend it even further. We would become accustom conditions of a police state. I do not live in Kingston but if I did being that look like a criminal I probably would have been detained several times.

    by RB 2010-Jul-21 

  4. its not as much of a inconvenience for me as for the people who were actually detained but it seems like the police are enjoying it a bit too much.

    by owen 2010-Jul-24 

  5. only time can undo some of this damage. . . but time is money

    by Gods Child 2010-Jul-22