Paintball - St. Thomas - Lessons learnt

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written by owen on 2009-Mar-28.

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In the format of a list for easy reading;

  • The taller you are the more shots you get in the face.
  • They make you sign a pre-nup before you can play.
  • It really only hurts after the first 2 times. After that you don't even feel the pain.
  • Most women will always camp out for as long as you have ammo in your gun, leading to waiting in vain or loss of load.
  • You are not too young to get shot in the ass.
  • Super low jeans will result in lots of ass out a door.
  • Bring your own juice and food, cause there is nothing there but hot dogs and expensive bottled liquids.
  • If you shoot the judge you'll have to strip.
  • The guns have plastic caps that will fly open if you shake the gun or hold it upside down. If your paint pellets fall out, dog nyam you supper because dem not going to let you put them back into the gun.
  • Apparently small teams of 5 versus 5 is better than big teams. People tend to hide more when there are alot of gunners. I'm not fond of hiders and campers. Dam you all.
  • People who hold the paintguns up in the air will tend to lose there balls or come on themselves.
  • The air cans on the guns make them heavy. My wrist is killing me.
  • The place is really not that far from Kingston. Its a 15 minute drive.
  • The water paint dries quickly, you may want to wear old clothes.
  • You get to spent more time if you go in the off season when everybody isn't on holiday. When people are waiting they'll want you off the course as quickly as possible.
  • One hour is a really, really short time, especially when certain people come late.
  • Overall it was a good time, well worth the money for the initial go, not sure about the cost for refills or loss of load.
  • We'd like to thank the women on the other team for the post game entertainment.
  • Next time we could try some one on one, lol. Just to settle any outstanding grudges.

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  1. This is something I have always wanted to do, what you describe sounds like as much fun as I imagine. What are the contact info for this place or are you keeping it a secret?

    by Dutty 2009-Mar-28 

  2. info is at the SCAP website

    by owen 2009-Mar-31 

  3. I have been there many times and regardless of the sun its still fun...
    if you are a wuss do not try paintballing ,only do target practicing.
    The juices are expensive but not in affordable
    -***FOR 100 BALLS =$650

    by dominickj 2014-Dec-30 

  4. Sounds like fun. Next time I coming Jam, I will link you, we can arrange a blogger's link up there ;^)

    by mad bull 2009-Mar-29 

  5. yeah but how are we going to trick the women to come and paint? plus seating is limited

    by owen 2009-Mar-31 

  6. Bwoy, i do have some bloggers i wouldn't mind shooting at. splat! splat! your out!

    I thought the authorities shut down this place saying that they lack protective gears for the participants. Oh well, teaching Jamaican youths to be better shooters is always a plus.

    by Tami 2009-Mar-29 

  7. well they have some stuff, at a extra cost of course but the pre-nup basically says you should watch your own ass.

    by owen 2009-Mar-31 

  8. nex time we goin ochi fi a more prolonged shoot out!!

    by Druski 2009-Mar-29 

  9. where in ochi druski???

    by criddy 2009-Apr-12 

  10. The location in Ochi is much better, having protective gears and stuff.
    Its at Heaven Sent. Contact info is 847-5592

    by Tami 2009-Apr-14 

  11. St. Thomas was fun and a team of 4-5 appears to work out really nice.

    by sniperj 2009-Mar-30 

  12. I can't even imagine how crowded it would get with 20 people [hysterical]

    by owen 2009-Mar-31 

  13. I want to go! I want to go!

    by Stunner 2009-Mar-31 

  14. I been wanting to go but mi fraid, mi hear dem pellets sting

    by Pepper 2009-Apr-12 

  15. Lets plan one for end of May, what you say peeps?

    by Tami 2009-Apr-14 

  16. HAHAHA loved this post! I recently heard they brought in paintball too and I thought it was hilarious! I've personally never done it since I'm scared of getting shot in the ass LOL. But sounds like your summary of paintball is pretty on track.

    by JamCan 2009-May-17 

  17. This is quite honestly some of the most misguided shit I've ever read.

    by Dupesatron 2009-Aug-08 

  18. I agree with the dupes. This post is so far off base.
    JamCan you should worry about the other things in your ass not a paintball and this limp wrist shit.

    by Ghostcuddle 2009-Aug-08 

  19. just a real stupid game if u ask me the black and blue spots are not worth it and i pay to get these spots lolol thats fun?

    by dzap 2009-Sep-07 

  20. ooh la la this is hot!!! so wanna try it reminds me of jouvert with a violent twist!! lol XD [nive]

    by KittyCatSterling 2009-Dec-22