The Land of Wood and Water Rations

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written by owen on 2010-Feb-09.

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Well what do we have here now? Seems like the lack of hurricances last year had some how affected the water in Kingston, now water is being delievered on a schedule. Its only a matter of time before people start rioting. If people aren't complaining about one thing, or another, then they are complaining about EVERYTHING.

THE seasonal drought, which typically lasts from late November to March/April, is at its height and as usual the southern half of the island is worst affected. The effects are being more acutely felt because the traditional wet months of May/June and September/October last year produced far less rain than is usually the case. Hence the alarmingly low storage levels at supply points such as the Mona reservoir and Hermitage dam -- forcing severe water restrictions in the heavily populated areas of Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine. -RAINWATER HARVESTING A MUST

See hurricanes do serve a good purpose after all (besides destruction and reduction in crime). I am sure people in rural areas are laughing and pointing fingers at the SUV washing Kingstonians. Although they are rationing the water now, we are not about to "run out of water", at least not just yet (maybe next month or 2) but we may run out of "easy water" and start having to look at other, not so easy sources.

They is no real way to prepare for a drought, it just happens and you run out of water.

It rained in Portmore over the weekend - well not really rained but drizzled consistently. Jamaica would need a good, consistent, 2 day heavy rain to get everything back to normal. I suggest we all start our rain dances, paying our tides and stop washing cars before it gets any worst.

Update - Feb 12 2010

THE NATIONAL WATER COMMISSION HEREBY GIVES NOTICE that with effect from 8th day of February 2010 or five days after the publication of this notice, whichever is the later, the NATIONAL WATER COMMISSION ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITS in all areas of the island of Jamaica served by drought-affected water supply systems, the use of water supplied by or obtained through, the pipes of the Commission for .....
..... c) washing of vehicles using a hose or watering or washing roadways, pavements, paths, garages or out rooms;.....

They should have added that vehicles will be impounded and hoses confiscated.

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  1. Don't you mean 'increase in crime' during a hurricane? I find that when people are forced to stay inside during a storm and converse with family members or other unsuspecting persons they otherwise try to avoid, crime tends to escalate.

    What about looting? It's not as if the Jamaican Police are going to leave their families or sweet hearts warm bed to come in the rain and wind to shoot us, or maybe i'm oblivious to what they really care about.

    Jamaica shouldn't be able to run out of water, we are surrounded by it for god sakes, that could be an alternative. Recycled water?

    by Tami 2010-Feb-10 

  2. Ever heard of something called "salt water"? Go to and water the video. The water comes from rain.
    I sure some of the police love the hurricane season because if everybody inside then there will be less witnesses when them shot you.

    by owen 2010-Feb-11 

  3. it's called a desalination plant. . . you can take the salt out of the water.
    and also I wanted to mention-how one's friends would howl with laughter if they heard someone's hose had been confiscated. The vehicle impounding now, is less funny.
    And also, I could send you some of this lovely snow we've been having but you'll have to pay for shipping.

    by Gods Child 2010-Feb-16 

  4. Owen, I was trying to submit a comment regarding Tami's statement, about the fact, that we are surrounded by water and recycling could or should be a likely option or an alternative. But, it seems as if I may have lost my comment in cyberspace. Hence, I have decided to re-submit my perspective re Tami. Yes, indeed, Tami is totally correct. The process of desalination/desalinization can be employed in terms of the conversion of salt/sea water to fresh water. But, a caveat, this process of desalination, especially, if done on a large or mass scale, can be quite costly with respect to energy. Since, the issue of looting and crime are also being addressed in your post, I would just like to state, that going forward, this aqua crisis that we are currently experiencing will result in a considerable amount of hydro-piracy in various communities, towns and businesses across the island, as the water situation becomes more critically acute on a daily basis, with no imminent signs of heavy rains to resolve this persistent drought. Nuff respect, Star !!

    by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID 2010-Feb-10 

  5. i think you may have violated one the spam checking conditions that I have in place to keep spammers from breaking my comments system. I am not sure which one though. Could be anything in the message. If it happens again I will have to launch and investigation.

    by owen 2010-Feb-11 

  6. Esteban is too eloquent for me to read the whole comment.

    by Gods Child 2010-Feb-16 

  7. I am just wondering, How can your neighbor afford to wash his car every morning in this drought?

    by Dutty 2010-Feb-10 

  8. he was probably doing from he was a boy, him probably have money set aside for his favorite hobbies. [innocent]

    by owen 2010-Feb-11 

  9. Thanks, Owen! Please look into this spam matter when you get the chance.

    by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID 2010-Feb-11 

  10. Its something in the message. Maybe you had too many links or naughty word in your comment. I can't really tell without know what you typed. But if after you submit a message it tells you "Thank You" then you know its been nicked.

    by owen 2010-Feb-12 

  11. Hey Owen, the Trinidadian Prime Minister's wife, Ms. Hazel Manning, fired a contractor for disobeying her orders about not watering the lawns/gardens of the Prime Minister's residence.It seems as if the Trinidadians are also experiencing drought and water shortages/problems and the contractor did not follow or adhere to Ms. Mannings directives regarding water usage as it relates to the gardens. Knowing Trinidad, I would not be surprised if there is/are some politics lurking in the background with respect to firing this individual. We in Jamaica will have to get very serious and strict regarding the utilization and consumption of this scarce commodity, but not necessarily firing individuals. Instead, employing public education techniques with the implementation of various fees re violation(s).See today's Trinidad Express for more detailed information. Nuff respect, Star !!

    by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID 2010-Feb-11 

  12. by owen 2010-Feb-12 

  13. Thanks for the prohibition notice !!

    by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID 2010-Feb-13