1. Owen, I don't like it. Call me un-Jamaican.
    I would have rather seen some gingham

    by Gods Child 2009-Dec-18 

  2. Bwoy, da tree deh a display a whole heap a nationalism. It has more of the Jamaican standard (flag) than lights.Without a doubt, a very interesting way of displaying nationalism, but, hopefully, the reason for the season is not negated. Nuff respect !!

    by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID 2009-Dec-22 

  3. Owen,Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

    by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID 2009-Dec-22 

  4. same to you. Nuff respect !!

    by owen 2009-Dec-23 

  5. LOL! True jamaican christmas tree!

    by Stunner 2009-Dec-25 

  6. Merry Belated Christmas Owen. This is just pure unadulterated nationalism right here. Hehehe.
    Hope you have a really good 2010.

    by Aurie 2009-Dec-29