1. yes
    you should probably follow the directions on the box unless you plan to eat him

    by Gods Child 2010-Jan-19 

  2. box? what box? I got no box, manual or batteries

    by owen 2010-Jan-21 

  3. Yes you can over feed him. Sometimes other types of fish have the 'goldfish syndrome' where they eat every darn thing that touch the water until they get fat and pop.

    by Tami 2010-Jan-20 

  4. well its not fat, its not popped cause it still moves around but its seems to be sleeping or hibernating lately.

    by owen 2010-Jan-21 

  5. maybe it's a lazy fish.

    by Jamila 2010-Jan-22 

  6. no, wasn't like that when i just got him

    by owen 2010-Jan-29 

  7. I wish my pet fish was being overfed.

    by Memoirs of A Dater 2010-Feb-01 

  8. Is your fish still alive, Owen?

    by Jammy 2010-Feb-03 

  9. nope

    by marqthompson 2010-Mar-02 

  10. No

    by Apocalypse 2010-Apr-14 

  11. Yes.

    by Sanjid Mahmood Hamim 2010-Jul-13