My Vista Rant

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written by owen on 2008-Jun-02.

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How can you be building something for 5 years, have all the money in the whole-wide-world and mess it up? I told them to re-write everything from scratch, now that I look back, that was not such a good idea THEN!! But now - I don't know.

I (on the other hand) am still rocking MY LEGAL COPY OF WINDOWS 2000 and I'll like to tell Microsoft to stop trying to kill a perfectly good operating system - I'm watching you. I am not buying another operating system unless its at least GOOD or better than MacOSX. It runs fine on my 1.6 ghz Dell machine that I bought 4 years ago for 1300USD. I'm not going to buy a new machine just to surf the net. I have a wii, a dreamcast, a playstation, my neighbour has a PS3, and another neighbour has a 360 - PC GAMING IS DEAD - except for GTA 4 and FPSs. My pc wieghs like 20 pounds but I like it, its black and runs quite fine on 256 mb of ram - I bought a 19" flat panel for it just the other day - pimp my pc.

Whats wrong with software nowadays? Why you gotta be all up in my RAM? I remember the days when a user interface was simply colored characters on the screen - now - I think everything is running the UNREAL ENGINE 3. It hurts my heart to realise that no matter how much RAM or how fast the processor you put into windows you still have to wait on stuff to happen. The new moto should be "its thinking".

I have this HD version of the Matix 2 trailer on my machine from just before the movie came out, which is basically 1000-something by 700-something. I remember specifically the point where Trinity would jump through the window into a free fall and my quicktime player would drop frames like a mother. Fast forward 2 years later I installed the new version of the Quicktime player - same machine - same ram - same everything - plays SMOOTH AS BUTTER. See? An improvement not just in features but "efficiency".

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  1. Best window rant i've seen in ages, heh. Especially the Quick time aspect,so true:0

    by Gordon Swaby 2008-Jun-02 

  2. Nice. I dont see the reason for the new name, new changes etc and i dispise the people that jump on the boat as soon as shit comes out. But i have a confession, i secretly bad mind them because they have the new ish while i have to wait to get it months later. Good thing is by then they would have fixed the simple bugs. I'm sticking to Debian. [sorry]

    by Tami 2008-Jun-03 

  3. Tami, you run Debian? I had you pegged as a Windows woman.

    by mad bull 2008-Jun-04 

  4. Started out with Fedora, then Ubuntu now Debian. Trying to get Owen on the wagon but he can only process so much with his 256 mb. [mocking]

    by Tami 2008-Jun-07 

  5. Window2000 forever!

    by owen 2008-Jun-07 

  6. microsoft is crazy from day one. technically we still running the same thign them buy off the lil guy for 50,000 "dos". It needs to be re-written from ground up.

    by taylor 2008-Jun-06 

  7. its too late for that now. I was saying that in 2000 but dem corner even darker now. Too many lagecy apps (I can't even spell the word, lol).

    They is much improved, alotta changes going on under the hood but its all mared by the lack of efficiency and transparency.

    by owen 2008-Jun-06