2008 year in review

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written by owen on 2008-Dec-24.

Wow. 2008 Done already. Alot of good times and alot of wonderful friends, great posts, good photos, good music. Thank you for the memories. Special thanx to the people who made it a great year. I could go into making lists and charts of top stuff but I'm not going to. Happy holidays to you and yours. Don't make any resolutions you can't keep. Seeya next year.

Stuff that Happened

  • I spent most of the early part of the year coding the news section and learning about java and office politics.

  • Had one of the most annoying relationships ever.
  • My shiny new job broke up with me.
  • The total and utter failure of the Bodyshots category. Thats the last time I take spontaneous advice on categories.
  • I learnt a very important lesson about why you should talk to strangers.
  • Olympic Fever took over in August.
  • In february I watched people and ate bad chinese food from asians.
  • I got hooked on those african movies while flow tried to monpolize the country.

    In May went to see if I contracted something. No not that one, the other one.

  • I rejoined the workforce and then got financially harased by western union.
  • blank space. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, its just means that I wasn't a complete selfish douche, during that time.
  • In September my phone ran out of free space
  • blank space

I'll put in more as I remember them...

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  1. Happy Holidays, Owen!!!

    I hope I see you next year too [mocking]

    by Jamila 2008-Dec-26 

  2. Próspero Año Nuevo 2009

    by Gussie 2008-Dec-28 

  3. Nice review. Happy New Year.

    by Leon 2009-Jan-01 

  4. I wanna hear more about the annoying relationship...and does this mean you're single? It may be time for me to confess my undying cyber crush on you.

    Then again, that "went to see if I contracted something" nuh sound too kosher. Ewwww, you got tha cooties! LMAO.

    Happy New Year O! Looking forward to another year of misspellings. :)

    by Iyalode 2009-Jan-02 

  5. bad things happen when the gods mess with mortals. no, I don't have the cooties - yet.

    by owen 2009-Jan-05 

  6. I dunno - cooties + Owen is not computing. :D

    Happy New Year!

    by YingYang 2009-Jan-05 

  7. Happy New Year!

    Interesting's to another memorable year...

    by Crankyputz 2009-Jan-06 

  8. Decent review star!

    by Stunner 2009-Jan-10