1. So am I supposed to fill it in then answer it? "What is/are your favorite candidates of 2008?" Chuck Baldwin/ maybe Ron Paul

    by faith 2008-Dec-22 

  2. what is your favorite month o the year?

    by trini 2008-Dec-22 

  3. what is your favorite drinks of 2008? wait!... Um, I can't answer my own question, that is pointless!

    by Stunner 2008-Dec-22 

  4. I changed the "is" to a "are"

    by owen 2008-Dec-22 

  5. my favorite shoes of 2008 are the gladiators, esp my black ones...

    my favorite moment of 2008, MIAMI! :D

    by pepper 2008-Dec-23 

  6. Favourite Movie of the year
    300 - wait! that was last year
    Sex and the City

    Favourite song of the year
    Take a bow - Rihanna

    Favourite Alternative / Rock song of the year
    Fcuk was i - Jenny Owen
    Change - Deftones

    Favourite party this year
    Beach Jovert - cuz i got drunk sobered up and managed to get drunk again. LMAO

    Favourite thing done this year
    Sunday Brunch - All i could eat
    My Birthday and my gifts

    by Tami 2008-Dec-23 

  7. What are your favourite quotes of 2008?

    "Don’t draw mi tongue and don’t trouble dis girl, because I don’t fraid a no man, no gal nowhere!", Portia Simpson-Miller

    by Gussie 2008-Dec-24 

  8. that was high on my list too

    by Gods Child 2008-Dec-31 

  9. My favorite moments of the year:
    Taking a solo vacation
    Partying in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro
    Rooftop bbqs in Brooklyn all summer
    Getting my bonus in January
    The food I ate in Bahia
    Sunbathing naked on my living room floor in the summer

    by Iyalode 2009-Jan-02