Sarah on the capture of Saddam Hussein

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written by owen on 2003-Dec-16.

This wonderful news is almost surreal.

The Iraqi people, their future leaders, our soldiers, the countries bordering Iraq, and the world, are all safer today. He's murdered almost a million people in his 25 years, and now, he's history.

Praise the Lord!!

"We are good, they are evil, NOTHING is relative." -Thomas Friedman


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  1. The Iraqi's are not safer, as the evil presence of Saddam is now replaced with that of the US. Also Saddam never had a chance of returning to his position as dictator of Iraq after the war, the only reson why he had lasted as long as he did was because he was supported by the US, when that support was taken away he didnt have a chance in hell. The caputure of Saddam is meaningless, except that it probably helped Bush get er-elected.

    by Yara Badday 2005-Feb-18