October 2007

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written by owen on 2007-Oct-30.

Well what can I say this was one rainy month and it looks to end the same way that it begun with more ninja rain. Though at least it gives me a excuse break dress code and wear my reebuks to work - yay - the perfect mesh of functionality, design and comfort like a gift from God.

I only made 2 entries in the logbook this month, I've been sleeping and reading mapper/packer theory more than usual and the other post about how a muse inspires me. Watched a couple movies and posted up the reviews. A couple questions where posted as well especially the one about the lack of baby daddy pics on women's profiles which nobody seemed to be able to come up with a good answer.

Got a lucky pic while crossing traffic. I made it into a wallpaper.

Owentitist sounds like a rare desease that you get when you leave the mackerel in the can after you open it, wierd but nice try guys - I suggest we all get back to our day jobs now. I may have missed some stuff.

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  1. Ninja rain? Please explain. Nice pic. It would indeed make a good wallpaper.

    by Leon 2007-Oct-31 

  2. can't you see the links in the post? UPDATE: I fixed the RSS feed. Now you can see the links

    by owen 2007-Oct-31 

  3. Leon click the links nuh cho.... well son and i do mean son ... guess the month was good .... how you get mackerel in the mix is anybody guess but you should be honoured that a "desease" has been named after you ... you have been immortalised accept your immortality. [congrats]

    by bobby 2007-Oct-31 

  4. I pulled a can of mackerel and left some of it in the can - nephew sad you can catch some kinda horrible desease from the can - I don't know. Immortality can stay give me the cash

    by owen 2007-Oct-31 

  5. that disease is called botulism

    by Gods Child 2007-Nov-01 

  6. I thought the baby daddy explanataions were more than sufficient
    we covered every possible scenario

    by gods child 2007-Oct-31 

  7. Owen is just being mean.... as if he has "the" answer phhhffft [hysterical]

    by bobby 2007-Oct-31 

  8. I really wasn't convinced, there must be some other - deep reason that we are over looking

    by owen 2007-Oct-31 

  9. Yeah you know..I have been waiting on Owen to pull "the answer" out of the hat!
    good post....first ah see so much links in one post [congrats]

    by marangand 2007-Nov-01 

  10. ah, the one thing we didn't think of:

    immaculate conception

    you can't photograph the father because nobody can see him.

    by Gods Child 2007-Nov-01 

  11. you seeya now, sometimes I feel like moving to New York, genious! Virgin births! Why didn't I think of that? hats off to you GC

    by owen 2007-Nov-01