1. what is this? A photo blog?

    by Gods Child 2008-Jun-03 

  2. well slightly. a little bit. Everybody has a big screen monitor, a HD television or broad band internet. the world is expanding. you still using dial up?

    by owen 2008-Jun-03 

  3. Yeah, better.

    by mad bull 2008-Jun-04 

  4. i aint got no big screen monitor, that aint go work for moi

    by pepps 2008-Jun-05 

  5. stop lieing

    by owen 2008-Jun-06 

  6. so this post has absolutely nothing to do with russian dude...

    by taylor 2008-Jun-06 

  7. there is a russian to engish dictionary right there, can't you see it? must be because the image too small or you need glasses

    by owen 2008-Jun-06