1. This s weird angle of this shoes.

    1. It's a wedge heel - the best!
    2. It's some animal skin
    3. It looks like it has a peep toe

    What's with all your posts today. You start them with "So"

    by Tami 2008-May-20 

  2. So what?

    by owen 2008-May-21 

  3. i'd wanna see the front...

    by pepper 2008-May-21 

  4. leave it to you to take something really simple and make it look complicated

    by owen 2008-May-21 

  5. it's ugly
    that's all I can tell you

    by Gods Child 2008-May-22 

  6. Whats complicated bout wanting to see the front a di boot???

    by pepper 2008-May-23 

  7. sorry thats the only pic I have, you'll have to work wid whats there

    by owen 2008-May-23 

  8. Red female shoes with black heels...

    by Stunner 2008-May-23 

  9. Those shoes don't really go well with the wall color.

    by Mad Bull 2008-May-25 

  10. whats going on around here?


    the aliens came for you?

    by pepps 2008-May-29 

  11. Are you disabled in someway?
    You or anybody can post something, its easy just fill out the form.

    by owen 2008-May-29 

  12. why i gotta be disabled? next time i see you i WILL smack u upside ur damn head

    by pepps 2008-May-30 

  13. God loves all his children [innocent]

    by owen 2008-May-30 

  14. haha. Make sure you catch it on tape!

    by Tami 2008-Jun-03