1. I would enjoy some of those crabs right now.I do not consider eating crabs a "pickup and eat" kind a thing or fast food for that matter,but as you rightfully contend to each his own.

    by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID 2008-Apr-20 

  2. Crabs don't look appetizing to me at all. I would do with some peppered shrimp soup right now thoug!

    by Stunner 2008-Apr-20 

  3. you've got spam!

    i love roadside dilemma has always been how to get it from the roadside to home tho cus its the furthest thing from pick up and go food and they sell it in those lil bags so the feet tend to poke holes in them.

    so i have to be home already and able to walk with my lil bowl to the stall :D

    by irie diva 2008-Apr-23 

  4. Ewww...

    by twovthree 2008-Apr-28