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Chicken Fish Sex

written by owen, published 2012-Sep-23, comment

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Intercourse my occur and produce alien babies, so don't sue us if you are not accustomed to that kinda freaky stuff. It is evolution in front of your eyes, chemistry at its best, only faster because this fast food. Physics will bring us together sooner or later.

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Ayo commented: hahahahhahahahahahahahahha SO am I to believe that KFC's are sooo small that they can't find a special work area for fish ... I feel the wrath of the pescetarians[:O is that a word really?] falling upon them! ... read 5 more

No parking

written by owen, published 2010-Aug-19, comment

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No parking in hope gardens. The ultimate no parking sign.

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Aurie commented: Oh gosh! I haven't seen that place since the early 90s. Wow! That's too freaking long ... read more

No Vending?

written by Vaughn McCubbin, published 2008-Feb-24, comment

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Passing by the new Bus Bay in Half Way Tree... was wondering what this sign meant...didn't think i was the only one.

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jdid commented: signs are meant to be ignored lol ... read 5 more

not before 6 pm

written by owen, published 2005-Jan-29, comment

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by the pool at a small hotel, in montego bay

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Mad Bull commented: Women always have a plan to spoil our fun, nuh true? check out how that woman on the sign is covering up her poor husbands eyes :-\ ... read more

Sign 1

written by Owen, published 2004-May-25, comment

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Buses, trucks and large vehicles enter exit at back

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