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Rules and Regulations

written by owen, published 2012-Oct-31, comment

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At a library in kingston

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Ayo commented: Do not remove furniture ...... I'm appalled that people even do that crap! ... read 1 more


written by owen, published 2012-Oct-22, comment

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Portmore, JA


Do not Adjust

written by owen, published 2012-Oct-22, comment

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Paid Storage

written by Gods Child, published 2012-Oct-19, comment

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This is a sign in the window of a company that sells storage space in Manhattan.

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Gods Child commented: I'm not rich and I don't like it either. ... read 35 more

Gots to pay for extra

written by owen, published 2012-Sep-23, comment

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In this economy for the price of 4 extra packs of ketchup you can buy another piece of chicken but then again you won't have any ketchup to put on them.

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Ayo commented: lolol I always end up with random condiments floating around in my bag :S What happened to the days when you used to get 'moist towelletes' ... so sad! ... read 11 more