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you got to have a membership card to go inside. post a photo of a sign

Please Note

written by owen, published 2013-Apr-22, comment

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No Credit cards for gas.

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No Swimming allowed

written by owen, published 2013-Apr-15, comment

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Mona Reservoir, Kingston, Jamaica

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Ayo commented: Pains my heart to think that this has been attempted in the past. Right? Otherwise thee would me no need for such a sign. ... read 6 more

Hide your kids!

written by owen, published 2013-Apr-12, comment

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National Gallery of Jamaica;


Keep it moving

written by owen, published 2013-Feb-06, comment

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This was up at Sovereign. I need to find a "No Thinking" sign. After looking at the picture again I notice that they is a fourth thing which is blocked out, probably it is "dancing"?

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Tami commented: I just go there and sit. [cool] ... read more

Only KFC air is allowed

written by owen, published 2013-Jan-29, comment

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I once ate some carrot cake in there just to fight the power. Dont let the man keep you down.