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Cheese Bread

written by owen, published 2010-Sep-27, comment

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So much cheese. hmmmm

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Kenny's Delight

written by owen, published 2010-Sep-27, comment

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Guess the meat kind.

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Tami commented: Looks like curried chicken or pork ... read 1 more

Tofu & Cashew Stir-Fry

written by owen, published 2010-Sep-24, comment

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Pan fried tofu sautéed with pak choy, cabbage and bell peppers finished with fresh spices. Served with steamed vegetables & a choice of daily starches

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Gods Child commented: oooh what's in the glass? ... read 4 more

small oxtail and pink ting for $11.80

written by Gods Child, published 2010-Sep-15, comment

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sorry. it's a cell phone pic. I understand if you reject but I had no idea I was going to treat myself to such a delightful lunch.
The rice is under there somewhere. I told the lady to go easy with the carbs.

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owen commented: Only reason I accepted this awfully small picture is because you are drinking pink Ting. When did they gay that up? [annoyed] I've never seen that in JA. ... read 4 more

Lunch - Maki combo from Springrolls in new kingston.

written by Breakspeare, published 2010-Sep-10, comment

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Miso soup, fruits, mini salad, 8 California rolls, 6 Salmon rolls....delicious and filling. Didn't care though for that Miso soup (tofu and sea weed).

*Sorry Owen, this pic was not from a digital cam but it is from a somewhat expensive cell phone :-)

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Breakspeare commented: Oh Owen, open your mind and your stomach! It's really good! take a chance, it didn't kill me! ... read 10 more