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Movies, page 12

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Tom Cruise's Oblivion Review

written by owen, published 2013-May-06, comment

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Its pretty movie. Not as bad as Prometheous but pretty. Full of plot holes and wtf moments. The story is kinda meh. I would suggest you watch the movie called "Moon" starring Sam Rockwell. Moon is a much better movie, not as pretty but well written and not filled with random crap. I give Oblivion 5 out of 10; pretty graphics but totally forgettable.

There is always some dumb twist at the end which obviously the director thinks is GENIUS! but this a good movie does not make. A movie is the some of its parts. A movie cannot ride on its bueaty alone, nor can it ride on the actor that plays the star. Crap is crap straight up.

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Diehard 5: A good day to die hard Movie Review

written by owen, published 2013-Apr-04, comment

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So dumb I forgot to review it. This movie makes no sense what-so-ever. My rating 3 out of 10. go watch something else.

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

written by owen, published 2013-Feb-01, comment

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So After watching both the original and the American version of the movie I have come to the conclusion the original is the better version. The original has its faults, bad music in some parts and the bike in the american version is cooler (most likely an advertisment). Besides that the original version is clearly a sharper more directed movie. Even though both movies are practically the same, lenghty drive down a lonely highway - the original does it slightly better.

The original focuses more on the girl rather than the life of the reporter. When comparing both films you can see that the story is clearly about Lisbeth, her traunmatic childhood and her search for something which isn't explained.

Its a very good movie. Both equally so, with the original have the authentic edge because its not poluted with Daniel Craig.

9 out of 10. Must watch. Either one. Boobs, sex and murder.

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Django Review

written by owen, published 2012-Dec-28, comment

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Despite a few hair raising scenes of torture, nudity and dogs, I enjoyed Django. A ridiculous amount of fun is to be had amidst the racial slurs and blood pumping out of people's chests. I give it 9 out of 10. Best modern western I have seen in a long while. You can rent it, buy it on dvd or watch it in the theatre. No fancy computer generated dogs or spaceships - just good old fashioned gun fights and horse riding.

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Gods Child commented: Thanks for the review. Not only will I not go to the theater to see this, I will also not watch it when it inveitably gets released on dvd/streaming. ... read 1 more

Skyfall Review

written by owen, published 2012-Nov-10, comment

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Skyfall is a pretty average bond-movie without fancy gadgets and interesting story. Filled with loud background music as they visit an Asian country for no apparent reason. Things happen, plans are set in motion that could have easily be completed with a well placed sniper bullet. Its more "me-me-me" rather than saving the world from a evil maniac. Not to mention the forced chemistry between random characters. At the end of the day the movie is a low 7, watch on it on cable or bootleg it. The movie is nothing special.

There is no need to mention the advertisments and Berenice Marlohe who appears to fill the checklist of "things-to-do" in a bond movie. Its a sailboat and no one is driving it. Probably the Aston martin runs on air.

NB. Flash lights in the dark, seriously? Flashlights in the church? dies laughing.

MI 5: Ghost Protocol is a better movie.

I totally forgot to mention that the intro sequence sucked balls, sorry if one of you guys worked on it but it was lame. Lame! I want baked sailing girls and guns! Not self referencial metaphors about life! Song sucked too.

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Mad Bull commented: i disagree. I likedvit. i gave it an 8. ... read 2 more

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