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Programming: The downsides of Modularity

written by owen, published: 2009-Jun-04, read 5635 times.

Stewpeas commented: Owen, why did you go out of your way to annoy me this morning? Not optimized for performance? Harder to maintain? Those are big claims that you don't back up. with anything but some toy examples. Yes, if you apply three levels of modularity to a nine line program then the result will be unnecessarily complicated. Wow, big news, stop the presses!!! Modularity is inherently a good thing, in the same way that nutritious food is inherently a good thing, but that doesn't mean they can't be abused. Try writing and maintaining even a small program, say about 10,000 lines, with little or no modularity and see. ... read 8 more

Programming Theory: Throwaway Code

written by owen, published: 2008-Nov-23, read 7794 times.

mad bull commented: I thing VB6 was sufficient. Does VB.Net really offer us more, or is it an attempt to fill Bill Gates pockets more? I don't know for sure, I'd have to write more .Net code. What do you think? ... read 6 more

Managing complexity in Software Development

written by owen, published: 2008-Sep-26, read 4427 times.

Gods Child commented: You shouldn't have to tell people to avoid eating dog food if they don't heed your warning, well, nothing could be done for them ... read 11 more

Things That Annoy me about Video Games

written by owen, published: 2008-Jun-24, read 3626 times.

Gordon Swaby commented: Your rant is nothing new, calm down:P ... read 4 more

Hardwiring: programming the design (tech)

written by owen, published: 2008-Mar-24, read 4175 times.

mad bull commented: So give us an example of how you would have done that with the bank_type_case nuh? ... read 15 more