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Fire For you

written by owen, published 2022-Sep-19, comment

What is life without struggle? A man without struggle is not alive. Embrace your struggle. I have had this post bottled up inside me for about 6 months now. I take more pictures now than I actually find time to write. Writing is not that hard but there is only so much you can do in one day.

As I get older and the gray hairs pop up we are at that age where our parents can barely take care of themselves. All sorts of old age illnesses start to take hold. You look at that piece of cake and ask yourself questions that your younger self would never have conceived. Once a man, twice a child. Have no regrets - regrets are gray hairs.

I am narrowing my priorities nowadays. There are a few things that I need to do and lots of unfinished projects that will get done when they get done - if they get done at all. I hope I find you well.

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axiom commented: hope you are doing well also, see a lot of introspection from you recently which is good to hear. It's always good to have a lot of internal thoughts about these things, and shows your intelligence. ... read 1 more

Pretty please

written by owen, published 2022-Jul-07, comment

Choose your struggle. What is life without struggle? A man without struggle is not alive. There is no life without struggle. Someone has to carry the load. Someone has to be at that place in time to experience what must be experienced or there is no existence. Someone has to hold the ladder or be there to pick you up if you fall. Balance and gravity rules us all.

It should be obvious that everything is gradually returning to a state of chaos. The walls need to be repainted, the plumbing needs to be resealed. If you are not doing it then someone else has to. Even if you don't see them. Someone has to be there.   It is only matter of time and careful maintenence. Everything is sand on the sea shoreline. We must go back to the sea.

Life and death are things that surrounds us especially now at our age. The reality is right in front of us but we put it off to somewhere else. Some other time. Some other place.? We surround ourselves with a blanket of daily chores and various forms of escapism.  But in the end we are all racing towards the same place, so faster than others. All that matters are who we help along the way and the things we give away for free.

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Watermelon Sugar

written by owen, published 2022-May-15, comment

Sometimes you just want to get your mind back to a certain place in time, a certain mode. At a point right before you figure something out. You will often try to recreate that moment but it is impossible. Because time has passed, the world has turned around and everything has changed. All the stones at the bottom of the river have shifted ever so slightly that the scene will never be the same. And this is something you have to embrace.

There are some habits that make us who we are. Some that keep us trapped on our paths. There are other habits that keep us safe. Habits whether subconsciously or intently found our understanding of everything around us. No one can exist without a habit or a comfort zone. It is just how we are. We are our environment. Who we meet, who we have met are all a part of our conscious routine. The more aware you are of this fact the more you understand. And the more you understand, the more you know.

It is not always about the thing you are doing now. But the important thing is the series of things you are doing. The order might not matter much. If I were to compare it to a netflix mini series then yes, the order might matter. But if you look down the road it might all be just a waste of time. Knowing when you are wasting your time is the key. People are already talking about summer and I am living in January wondering what to do with the new year.

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written by owen, published 2022-Apr-16, comment

At some point in the past I said I would pick up on my writing but it has not proven to be easy.  Distractions abound and the 'p' on my keyboard is misfiring at random times.  So this paragraph is all dedicated to just writing something while sorting files on my harddrive and listening to youtube vlogs in the background. I just need to remember to save this after I am done.

It is often the case that "reality" and "what you think" are not the same thing.  The relationship between music and movies is not always obvious but music creates a whole different kind of memory and adds a lot to a scene.  It is all about sound and sight. Why do you think tiktok is so popular?  Almost everything in my life can be attached to a song or a soundtrack.  Once you know this you can pretty much change your life.  You just have to apply the correct music.  What happens when you get too much of these memories?  How do you keep track of it all?

I have too many hobbies as you can see some of them have to suffer so I can enhance the others.  Or in the worse case forget them all together.  There is always something else to do as the days grow shorter and shorter.  So fired up.

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House in LA

written by owen, published 2022-Mar-05, comment

Been a long terrible year.  Both real and imagined.  Most of us made it out with all our limps.  Some of us are still waiting for the next shoe to drop.  It is only a matter of time until all your worst dreams come true.  But what can you do?  These are the days of our lives.  Dry your tears.  All in all you have to admit that some of it was fun though.  On to the next.

This is a new year, a new chance to crash into the cars that you manage to avoid crashing into the year before.  Or worse yet crash into them AGAIN.  Chaos is all around you.  For me this new year just signals a new slug towards my birth month then the relief that I will feel once it is over.  The moment of clarity.  I have nothing planned.  I will most likely spend the first month chronicling the previous years achievements so as to have a record of the lives I have saved and the causal ties that I failed to re

I have been neglecting my writing alot in the past year or 2 for reasons unknown.  Or maybe I have been so obsessed with my other hobbies that I have sacrificed writing at the alter of time.  Who knows?  We are not getting any younger.  On top of that my digital backup is near full so I will have to buy a new backup device.No description

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