1. I try not to think about it. That's just icky. Are people in such short supply? Or is your friend just a chew them up spit them out kind of boyfriend mill? Then maybe you need to run in a new set.

    by Gods Child 2009-Jul-02 

  2. same thing I was saying;

    by owen 2009-Jul-07 

  3. I don't have any problem with it... I guess it depends on how long ago they were together, what kind of relationship they have now (are they friends or enemies, or does your friend still want the girl, or is she still into him), and on how hot the chick is.

    Like there was this girl I had a little fling with, nothing serious. I mean, she knew I had a woman at the time, (yeah, I was a cheat) but she still just wanted to get a taste of me, right, so she tried a little thing and I ended up sleeping with her a few times...

    Afterwards,we were friends... nothing more. Then one night I saw her out with one of her friends and I thought her friend was hot and so I started asking about her and she told me that she would never speak to me again if I got with her friend. I couldn't understand why! If she had expressed an interest in one of my friends, I would have introduced her and wished them well...

    I guess "for me it was just a thing, just another little fling, but for her, it was heaven and the angels dem was a sing! Its a pity.", to take what Tanya Stephens sang and change it up a bit. [confident]

    I didn't bother going after her friend, but I did think that how she went on was a bit strange...

    by mad bull 2009-Jul-04 

  4. maybe her friend was like a sister to her
    would you have no problem moving down the line from one sister to the next?

    by Gods Child 2009-Jul-06 

  5. total disrespect, unless they honestly didn't know.

    by owen 2009-Jul-04 

  6. Sorry guys, the question isnt personal. But the situation is this:

    Jack and Jill dated for about a year. Things didn't work out between them but Jack's friend Joe liked Jill from the first time Jack introduced them. Joe respected his friend Jack and didn't pass the line not once and never admitted it to Jill or anyone else. Then after Jack and Jill broke up, Jill began expressing feelings for Joe and Joe did the same. Then they get together. So that's where the question has stemed from.

    Now, if you were Jack, how would you feel about your best friend or good friend dating your ex?

    by Tami 2009-Jul-06 

  7. I would think that the best friend was secretly breaking us up the whole time so that he could get his grubby hands on her. How can you call that person a friend if they kept secrets like that?

    by owen 2009-Jul-07 

  8. yes, and how does Jill come to be getting in touch with Joe?
    I don't trust them no further than I can throw them. If they were my friends I would need new friends.

    by Gods Child 2009-Jul-08 

  9. Personally i don't think there is anything wrong with dating the ex of a friend. If two people didn't work out, i see each person as a new person, therefore who is to say that there are some persons out of dating bounds? It's just a personal issue that some people have to deal with and quite frankly i think it's selfish. What if the friend and the ex can work out? Then just because of the friendship line they shouldn't get together? Foolishness. I can understand where some persons have a hang up over these things but seriously isn't that one less chance at finding love? Equal opportunity for all. If one doesnt work out who is to say the other wont? But i guess it comes down to the friendship and if its sustainable after the fact.

    by Tami 2009-Jul-06 

  10. I could only see this making sense if you were on a island with 3 people.

    by owen 2009-Jul-07 

  11. Even if it's 3 guys on that island?

    by Tami 2009-Jul-14 

  12. you just had throw some gay logic in there, tsk tsk tsk

    by owen 2009-Jul-15 

  13. If you are a true friend, you will only want happiness for your friend and your EX, and so you will give them your blessing. If you don't do that, then you are a selfish bastard and you might as well get lost anyways. They are both better off without you.

    Love will always find a way.

    I'm with you, Tami.

    by Mad Bull 2009-Jul-11 

  14. it's just weird to me.

    by Aurie 2009-Jul-13 

  15. I'll be a fassy and date her.

    by jayrulez 2009-Dec-13 

  16. What friends? I dont have any friends.

    by ThatCreepyWhiteGuy 2013-Nov-04