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On a good day Keith is single, male child, Business Development Specialist at Caribbean Ideas, hangs around a place called "trinidad/tobago".

I have a cool website at Be sure to check it out.



Tech stuff and generally anything related to the Caribbean diaspora. You can probably check out my blog also and we can have reciprocal links in our blog rolls.

I have a cool website at Be sure to check it out.

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written by Keith - Caribbean Ideas, Fri, 04th Jul 2008 at 6:24 am

I'm definitely feeling the design and content. Well put together site.Keep up the great work!

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owen commented: You should have seen it yesterday. [indifferent] People around here are all shy and secretive - so its kinda like a secret society of spies, tv stars and bond villans who keep changing their names over and over to protect their silly meaningless fatty filled boring lives of crime and heart break, party and bullshit. So for links we have a [url]/news/[caption]news section[/url]. ... read 53 more