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written by owen on 2007-Jun-08.

If this is your a first time reading, you will most likely wonder how or what is meaning of this site (refered to as "it"). The Logbook is a complicated narrative lyric. It is an acquired taste. Much like the author's but different. I never know what it will be like. I'm not driving. And that is not a picture of the DLBG in the masthead life like Grand Theft Auto PSP. I'm knee deep in the concrete. Advance from the devil, Lord G.O.D. I need to guidance to be true. Hurricane season.

The site is abstract like a feeling of elation or well-being that is not based on reality and is commonly exaggerated. Euphoria. Your love is what I feel like I'm dieing inside. Its like watching too many movies when the streets are made of quicksand. Its not driven by anything tangible such as my life or what I did yesterday, next week, next year, a process of occasions, events or the like. Its all in the uncomfortable moment, memories, in a Volvo puffing on the lala, say hi to the bad guy. Living this day like the next will never come. On a black river boat ride. I'm good at being uncomfortable, PHP, ASP .NET, MSSQLS, MYSQL, intranets and everything web. What doesn't kill me makes her happy.

Functionality Over Design, Simplicity over art. Try to stay far removed. Back to black. A fail to kiss is a fail to cope. If you try to relate you'll only end up with tunnel vision. Be selfish and narrow minded. Take a step back. Life is predictable like a shadowboxer, in the daylight, half the time. Or a monkey that smiles like a child, born yesterday. It will elicit an emotion from you like a scent that you can perceive by sight. It annoys me too but I can't slow down. Once a week. Its gonna be a bright bueatiful day.

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  1. Well, I feel like I know the girl in the masthead. I'm on the verge of sex. Its kind of tricky, so relieve the burdens dem weh you have wit' you, ah de truth. Face nuh fe bleach out but in de middle of the night my water bed buss! She just looks very familiar. Cook lunch and soda in my thermos. Me wah know her name, its no long argument! My girl, get mad up in here! She come a beg and a bawl and a plead but me naw go eat it. Or is it that I just WANT to know her? [mocking]

    She name Sadiki?

    by mad bull 2007-Jun-09 

  2. no, no, no

    by owen 2007-Jun-14 

  3. Egads. You've given me a headache.

    by Simplenigma 2007-Jun-11 

  4. Who? Me or Owen [confident]

    by mad bull 2007-Jun-11 

  5. It's always Owen. LOL. I've never been good at puzzles and cracking codes.

    by Simplenigma 2007-Jun-12 

  6. its better if you try not to relate to the whole thing. the miracle is in the littlest things

    by owen 2007-Jun-14 

  7. HUH?

    by marangand 2007-Jun-15 

  8. yeah i agree with you marangand HUH??

    by minoramp 2007-Jun-15