1. wealthy and unknown. Because be popular and poor would make it near impossible for you to avoid the paparrazzi

    by owen 2007-May-18 

  2. Wealthy and unknown allows me to go to the ice cream parlour on the corner in peace, and be able to buy the parlour if I wanted to.

    by The Double Dutch Bus 2007-May-18 

  3. I thought at first I'd like to be wealthy and unknown but famous people get lots of stuff for free. Designer clothing, jewelry, ipods all that crap. And I could always crash at a friend's house. Maybe I might enjoy being poor and famous for a bit.

    by Gods Child 2007-May-18 

  4. I've never liked being the center of attention. So easy one this. I'll take my riches and enjoy myself in peace :)

    by Hayo 2007-May-18 

  5. Before, I'd have definitely chosen wealthy and unknown.

    But although I hate being in the spotlight, I'd have to go with famous and poor. Famous people have influence...people listen to them. I've been thinking about how Brangelina have been getting so many people to focus on causes that they wouldn't otherwise have given a second thought to. Although they donate money as well, it's really their fame which brings in most of the financial support.

    If I were famous, I think I could drive a lot more support for the less fortunate than if I were wealthy.

    by Simplenigma 2007-May-18 

  6. Wealthy and unknown for me! I don't care much about fame. I do care about living in squalor.

    by Mad Bull 2007-May-19 

  7. Looking at it rationally, the two choices are double negatives. You cant be wealthy and unknown or poor and famous. Where do y'all get these headachy questions from? I'd choose the grey area.

    by Tami 2007-May-19 

  8. simple straight forward questions are simple below us [innocent]

    by owen 2007-May-20 

  9. The world's greatest and most influential man, Jesus, was poor and famous! So I'd rather be in that kinda company...

    by twovthree 2007-May-20 

  10. I would prefer to have just the right mix, known by a decent amount of people and have a comfortable amount of money.

    by Stunner 2007-May-20 

  11. are yall just makin' up your own choices? Hehe...

    by Simplenigma 2007-May-22 

  12. I'd rather be wealthy. Not only would it be easier for me to take on freelance covert operations for philanthropic reasons but I would also be able to share the proceeds with my blog family. With the necessary precautions to ensure my true identity remain undercover

    by The OE 2007-May-20 

  13. Id rather be wealthy and unknown, because altho famous ppl have more influence, as a wealthy person I can extend my influence by supporting famous ppl who are making the changes I would like to make. They can get things done and I can be happy that I made my contribution. I dont care so much about fanfare, just results.

    by alex 2007-May-21 

  14. I'd rather be a pornstar... Oh wait! I am...

    by Trouble 2007-May-22 

  15. Wealthy and unknown. Wait? Is that even possible?

    by Leon 2007-May-30 

  16. its possible. Get a pretty face to represent you.

    by owen 2007-May-31 

  17. hehehehe I'd rather be wealthy and unknown! YAH!!! Less likely to be robbed

    by Ayo 2012-Sep-20