1. No. anticipation is always a more positive emotion. Missing something is sad, because it's in the past, and you can only think about it, and not experience it again.

    by Hayo 2007-May-15 

  2. note that he says "Having something to miss". To me this means that you have the object tangible or not. So, when it's not around, you miss it i.e. your fancy new honda is in the shop. You miss it but you'll get it back soon. Vs. your fancy new honda is totaled. You anticipate a new honda. Which is better? For me it's the honda in the shop.

    by Gods Child 2007-May-15 

  3. ok good point. permanence can't be derived from the question. If i'm missing something that i CAN get back, thats a lot better.

    by Hayo 2007-May-16 

  4. This question is giving me a headache. Either that or my hair is too tight. [upset]

    by Tami 2007-May-15 

  5. This is actually a hard question to answer. Its all dependent on the circumstances.

    by Mad Bull 2007-May-15 

  6. id prefer to look forward to things than miss them.

    missing someone really sucks... but then again..
    disappointment after lots of anticipation sucks too.

    by me 2007-May-16 

  7. eeeemm. eeeem. mi perplex. [hysterical]

    by Island Spice 2007-May-16 

  8. I agree with Madbull, it's all about the circumstances.

    I miss my days spent under the tree at STAHS. But I miss them in a fond way, and I always have the memories. As opposed to missing someone who has died. Both are things that you'll never see/experience again, but they evoke two different emotions.

    by Simplenigma 2007-May-16 

  9. life is just a learning process you have to just live with it....

    by poochi(shandale) 2007-May-19 

  10. I never usually answer my own questions but in this case after much thought I've come to the resolve that looking forward to something new is much more interesting. And that having something to miss really only makes you wallow.

    by owen 2007-May-24