1. A girl said to me "Jamaica Mash-up. Portia ah coco-head".
    I say Jamaica mash-up already. Let's wait and see. I know nothing about her political track record.

    by Gods Child 2006-Feb-27 

  2. Check out this website regarding Portia Simpson Miller

    by Koncious 2006-Mar-22 

  3. I congradulate portia and i say "U go girl!"

    by chamil 2006-Apr-02 

  4. while i admire Portia and I say more power to her, she is not a magician. She's just one person, surrounded by the same set of ass whipes most jamaicans complain about... Hopefully she can make a difference, give her a chance.

    by Breakspeare 2006-Apr-07 

  5. I was born in Jamaica in 1989, i'm young but even i can see that portia will make a difference. I'll say to all the haters "Stop hatin," give her a chance and don't hope for failure.

    by Nadz 2006-May-10 

  6. Do you know that a chance in jamaica's constitution is 5 years? what about those lives that her party and government has destroy for the last 18 years. I think since the chance worth it you should go there and contribute.

    by hagler 2007-May-04 

  7. selection of national leaders is not about gender,religion or charisma its about issues and long term benefits. vision and dedication with some sense of shame.
    most people vote for what they can/may get and never think of the youth who will be our care giver and leaders tomorrow

    by hagler 2007-May-04 

  8. One of the things that people need to bear in mind about the Jamaican electorate is that we don't vote in, we vote unless Bruce is coming with some smart people, and not the likes of Daryl Vaz, James Robertson, Joan Gordon Webley...just to name the 3 I despise the most, then most people will stick to the evil that they know!

    by Jamaican Girl 2007 2007-Jul-26 

  9. 7/7/7.... seven, seven, seven,.... says the aligment is not right as yet for growth we must ban our bellies another 2yrs...... listen to me now i'm the anointed one....

    by bobby 2007-Jul-27