How to take a bus in Jamaica

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written by owen on 2005-Apr-07.

The crucial factor is to find out where the buses are and where they are going. Some buses are numbered and these numbers have specific patterns especially when combined with letters. Other times the number are just used to keep track of the buses and are no indicator to their destination.

It is also important to take note of how buses react at certain times of the day. In rush-hour buses will simply leave you on the spot if you don't look like your going somewhere. You should try to get onto the bus as quickly as possible, secure a foot hold and bring exact change they hate when you bring big bills. In Off peak hours some buses wait an indefinatly(until they are at capacity) before they move and you usually end up late.

Sit towards the middle of the bus, it is harder to lose you seat to an elderly person or pregnant woman. If you close to your stop try to get to the front of the bus because the drivers are usually very impatient.

Buses often over charge at special times late at night or on public holidays. Very late at night everything shuts down and they may not be any buses on the road - take a taxi which costs 10 times more than the bus at night. Trust me they are out there waiting, find the nearest clock tower.

Buses are usually a safe means of transportation except when they are not. Become familiar with the area. Learning and adapting to changing situations is key.


  • Avoid seats reserved for disabled people and don't hesitate to surrender it to them.
  • Look before sitting.
  • Never throw garbage out the window of the bus - EVER - for any reason.
  • If you know your messy or have messy children don't eat on the bus. Even better don't eat on the bus at all.
  • Avoid using your cellphone on the bus.
  • press the buzzer early
  • Avoid standing too close to the people who are sitting

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