A Thousand Miles

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written by owen on 2005-Apr-18.

Information Technology courses usually suck in Jamaica because schools don't really know what IT is and so they fill IT courses with crap like Psychology and Organizational Behaviour - well rounded - ha. Stop recycling teachers and subjects from the business courses. I spent all weekend trying to write a java program that would take me 2 hours to write in PHP and its not because JAVA SUCKS but because simplicity is a two lane highway.

So what did I do last week, nothing much, met the sister of a guy that I knew in high school. Did not remember her name but she remembered mine, so whatever. 24 or so lessons into my driving and I'm beginning to think the tutor is milking me for money but I'm not in a rush to kill anybody just yet. Everything I give to you all comes back to me.

The slim ps2 is really slim when I finally saw it I was shocked - I player hate sony. My country has increased the General Consumption Tax from 15% to 16.5% - no rioting so far.

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  1. So, its PHP thats your choice of weapon, is it?

    by Mad Bull 2005-Apr-19 

  2. I'm not saying java is bad - its just really annoying. if I put my head in it I probably would get to like it over time.

    by owen 2005-Apr-19 

  3. java is the devil.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Apr-19