1. 25 and just beginning grad school. Sad, I can't think of anything else that defines my life two years ago...dammit Owen!

    by AngryDog 2004-Oct-28 

  2. ha! got you a question even you can't answer! It was 5 but I thought I'd go easy on you people.

    by owen 2004-Oct-28 

  3. 20 and I can't really remember what I was up to back then.

    by Arie 2004-Oct-29 

  4. two years ago i had never heard of Elliot Smith.

    by roseability 2004-Oct-29 

  5. According to my website, I just came back from a trip to Luxembourg 2 years ago. That's what I posted about exactly 2 years ago anyway.

    by Hayo 2004-Oct-30 

  6. in the middle of launching one of the largest set of product in the group that I worked in.

    by Stu 2004-Nov-01 

  7. hopelessly devastated because the girl i was infatuated with snubbed me. Nearly had, errr.. im sure I did, have a nervouse breakdown. Still recovering, but its making me a better person

    by alex 2004-Nov-05 

  8. Two years ago iwas a man but a rich girl f yeah

    by The Dark Lord Azdul 2005-Jul-01