1. Once you downloaded the Flash MX 2004 app. It's pretty easy to learn how to do simply effects once you get past Flash's little quirks.
    There should be a tutorial under the help menu (depending on which version of flash your using) successfully getting through this tutorial should get you going.
    With a sme practice you'll be up and running in a week or 2.

    After you've done with the first tutorial visit the flash development center for more tutorials and advanced stuff.

    by owen 2004-Mar-02 

  2. ten second tutorial

    • start new file.
    • draw square.
    • right click in timeline frame 1
                               - insert keyframe.        
    • right click in frame 10, insert
    • move square
    • then play movie
    that's the basic steps. try that

    by owen 2004-Mar-03