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written by owen on 2015-Jan-03.

Sometimes I have to endure other people's habits because they remind me that I am alive. I know I will miss them when they are gone. I need to start contrasting the things I write at certain times of my life, and certain times of the year.   I bet I could correlate them and find a common thread. It has all been done before. When you thinking that I done.

As much as I revel in my moments of solitude they tend to creep up on me unexpectedly like a monkey in the jungle. Unplanned and never prayed for like a happy accident or mysterious hand reaching down, separating me from my troubles and the people I care about. Now is the winter of our discontent. And it must happen, why I do not know. I guess if I was not here now in a room full of people, drinking sorrel then I would not exist at all because there is no alternate scenario, nothing that I must wish for. There is only the here and now. I must learn.

Everyone has a level of tolerance for imperfection. The world is an imperfect place or else everyone would live forever until they drown in a sea of experiences, moments and feelings. Time moves on. There will always be ice cream in the fridge as long as there is someone to put back the same amount that you took out. Everything in balance. Eventually you will find comfort in the bad times knowing that they are just balancing out all the good times we've had. You are just a feeling.

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