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written by owen on 2010-Jun-27.

Sometimes I am over filled with ideas like a hungry cow grazing in high grass covered in morning dew. So much dew that it would soak your socks as you ran through it. I am sure to get a belly ache from all this grass. In other news: Oil is still spilling in the Gulf of Mexico. My plan was to drop a big slab of concrete (weighing several thousand tonnes) onto onto the hole. It should have hooks on the underside so that it does not slide or move around for the next 100 years. Besides the fact that its been 40+ days of oil spilling in the richest country in the world but what really pains me the most is that the oil spilling video is not in High Definition 3D.

All that is old is new again. I had a dream last night that one day Hillary Clinton was visiting Jamaica for what reason I do not know. She must not have anything better to do with her time - I need a job like that - not the actual job - the not have anything to do with your time part.

I have been to the supermarket, several times with the homeless woman. Yummy bakery seem to be making all sorts of bums with random ingredients - I will post picture soon incase I accidentally get positioned by an over dose of coconut bread. I don't care if Mama don't like your man - I just want my chicken fried rice. I wanted love but not for myself, but for the girl so that she could love herself.

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  1. the oil spill will be in HD when it reaches your shores

    by Gods Child 2010-Jun-28 

  2. the whole situation is a travesty of on imaginable proportions. I've heard of oil spills before but this can go on forever

    by owen 2010-Jun-28 

  3. The highlight for one American News Channel about the spill was when a little girl got some of the oil on her feet and made big deal about it.

    by Tami 2010-Jun-28 

  4. some say we are all to blame because of our appetite for oil and the things it can do. . .

    by gods child 2010-Jun-29 

  5. The end is nigh. In the meantime, can I watch the girl loving herself?

    by mad bull 2010-Jul-06