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written by owen on 2009-Mar-22.

As the dove of hope continues to plummet towards the ground, I can still imagine that I will be surprised by the automatic air freshener machine that lives in the bathroom at the office. I can always look forward to it switching on at a unexpectedly random moment like a black panther waiting in the bushes at a concert. (Aren't all panther's black?) and blind me with poisonous gases.

I am still without a creative outlet, hence I've been watching the Science Channel and Animal Planet. I have learnt hundreds of life changing lessons from Survivor-man. Things like macaroni and cheese, wheat bread sandwiches with a side order of caterpillars will prove tasty when trekking across the ends of the earth. Always ensure that you have a dagger, matches in hand for creating a fire and packets of ketchup (gots to have the ketchup).

Hyperbolic Overkill. "Clearly I need to go work in a hole where people interaction is limited and I do not have a boss." Hey I recognize you from facebook! I am finding that the more these online social networks change the more annoying they get. No fire that I can spark. There should be an annoyance meter on everybody's profile so that you can know beforehand whether you want to mark up dem blackboard or throw a duster at them.

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  1. Who said that they needed to work in a hole...?

    by Tami 2009-Mar-22 

  2. I need a dagger? I used to have a dagger... A really nice one too! The po-po took it from me. Bastards. Now I will have to get another one. Got the matches and the ketchup packets.

    by mad bull 2009-Mar-23 

  3. you could always sharpen sticks or flint rock but they would not be as efficient for daggering

    by owen 2009-Mar-24 

  4. I like those automatic air-fresheners, they add some excitement to going into the bathroom with their beep and spray.
    I watch discovery and Nat Geo on a regulars, but that survivor guy is good star, I don't think i would be biting into those fat grubs at all, there must be berries or rabbits around!
    Hey MB, I have a ratchet, no not three star, but one of those utility rubber handles one. i keep it with me most of the times, even had it in my car once when I got pulled over for a spot check. Good thing they didn't find it...but yo a man needs a likkle knife you knever know when you can run out of gas in some deep wilderness!

    by Stunner 2009-Mar-23 

  5. its either the grubs or your own foot. your choice. Coconuts are good too, love coconuts.

    by owen 2009-Mar-24 

  6. do you mean Bear Grylls? He's amazing. Remember the time with the zebra?!

    by Gods Child 2009-Apr-03 

  7. when I hear the word "dagger" I now only think of one thing.....sigh.....y can't life go back to being simple when words had simple meanings and no extra connotations.....

    by Jamila 2009-Mar-24 

  8. The English language is a river's deep, tranquil forest filled with wild fruits, information, bueaty and nonsense.

    by owen 2009-Apr-04 

  9. wow...look who's back

    by Pepper 2009-Mar-26 

  10. wow, glad to see you haven't changed [nasty]

    by owen 2009-Mar-26 

  11. mmmmmmmmm ... ok mmmmmm is not enough for a comment any more koool

    by bobby 2009-Mar-28 

  12. no, a certain young lady has been abusing it and so management had to implement measures to derail the erosion of the communication in the community

    by owen 2009-Apr-04 

  13. well I checked and apparently "Panther" doesn't just refer to black panthers but large cats which includes Jaguars, Cougars, and Leopards which come on lots of colors--also, it appears the "black panther" is really a type of leopard.

    by Gods Child 2009-Apr-03 

  14. its a good thing only one of them is all black

    by owen 2009-Apr-04