1. Yikes, Out with the old in with the new, and to think someone would want to use your old tooth brush

    by Gordon Swaby 2009-Jan-11 

  2. Be creative. Use the old one to polish your shoes.

    by Leon 2009-Jan-12 

  3. u really do use the toothbrush as in over-use it...y does it look like that owen?
    What are ur teeth made of?

    by Jamila 2009-Jan-12 

  4. I don't know, I followed the instructions exactly [upset]

    by owen 2009-Jan-12 

  5. My, my , my it was time! You sure got your money's worth out of the old one.

    by Brea 2009-Jan-14 

  6. LMAO @ Brea. Damn, were using that thing in your mouth? No wonder your last relationship didn't work out...

    by Iyalode 2009-Jan-16 

  7. and whats that suppose to mean? madam

    by owen 2009-Jan-23 

  8. LOL...anybody wha a use dat eena dem mout' couldn't have minty fresh breath. Sorry. That thing is useless...look how di top a it nyam up? DWPCL

    by Iyalode 2009-Jan-29 

  9. The juxtaposition of the old toothbrush with the new one was a wonderful metaphor for the new year. Like they say, may auld aquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind...

    by mad bull 2009-Jan-17 

  10. LOL! Wow, that's nasty bro

    by Calvin Robinson 2009-Feb-01 

  11. we do have dirty tongues actually. lol

    by Tami Tami 2009-Feb-03 

  12. ofcourse silly - your tongue needs gentle scraping to remove stuff that can cause bacteria and odor.

    by tammy 2009-Feb-18