1. Whatever the other person is paying for!!

    by RichiePoo 2008-Apr-24 

  2. fifty or sixty dollars
    gotta be sure I tip well
    and have that "mad money"

    by Gods Child 2008-Apr-25 

  3. The last time me get weh inna di club, is CI$100 disappear like smoke still...

    by Mad Bull 2008-Apr-25 

  4. I rarely ever go out, and when I do, I spend as little as possible.

    by Leon 2008-Apr-26 

  5. i pay for my first drink... :)

    by irie diva 2008-Apr-28 

  6. At least JM$2000! Damn money nuh have no value!

    by Stunner 2008-Apr-28 

  7. yeah thats about right. especially affected by the digger to lady ratio

    by owen 2008-Apr-28