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Here we take picture of signs post a photo of a sign

Hide your kids!

written by owen, 2013-Apr-12

National Gallery of Jamaica;


Keep it moving

written by owen, 2013-Feb-6

This was up at Sovereign. I need to find a "No Thinking" sign. After looking at the picture again I notice that they is a fourth thing which is blocked out, probably it is "dancing"?

comment 1

Tami commented: I just go there and sit. [cool] ... read more

Only KFC air is allowed

written by owen, 2013-Jan-29

I once ate some carrot cake in there just to fight the power. Dont let the man keep you down.


only 108

written by owen, 2013-Jan-15

there has got to be some kinda capitalist conspiracy or scam behind this!

comment 2

Tami commented: Took the words right out my mouth. And to think, the $108 value credit was for a promotion that ended Jan 1, 2013. Now they introducing $120 value credit. Force feeding us. ... read 1 more

No Reading

written by owen, 2013-Jan-14

Absolutely none. Reading is for losers!


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