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Here we take picture of signs post a photo of a sign


written by owen, 2012-Oct-22

Portmore, JA


Do not Adjust

written by owen, 2012-Oct-22



Paid Storage

written by Gods Child, 2012-Oct-19

This is a sign in the window of a company that sells storage space in Manhattan.

comment 36

Gods Child commented: I'm not rich and I don't like it either. ... read 35 more

Gots to pay for extra

written by owen, 2012-Sep-23

In this economy for the price of 4 extra packs of ketchup you can buy another piece of chicken but then again you won't have any ketchup to put on them.

comment 12

Ayo commented: lolol I always end up with random condiments floating around in my bag :S What happened to the days when you used to get 'moist towelletes' ... so sad! ... read 11 more

Chicken Fish Sex

written by owen, 2012-Sep-23

Intercourse my occur and produce alien babies, so don't sue us if you are not accustomed to that kinda freaky stuff. It is evolution in front of your eyes, chemistry at its best, only faster because this fast food. Physics will bring us together sooner or later.

comment 6

Ayo commented: hahahahhahahahahahahahahha SO am I to believe that KFC's are sooo small that they can't find a special work area for fish ... I feel the wrath of the pescetarians[:O is that a word really?] falling upon them! ... read 5 more

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