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Donot Hold onto Rail

written by owen, 2013-May-16

They just installed it. Its a pretty useless rail but I guess it will save a life at some point. whatevs.


Do Not Urinate in Bin

written by owen, 2013-May-8

This was spotted in a ATM machine in Portmore. You really would have to want to go real back to end up pissing in a ATM machine garbage bin. Though I do not remember seeing bathroom facilities on that mall.

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Ayo commented: :O I don't even know what to say about this! Beyond appalled ... read more

Low powered Only

written by owen, 2013-Apr-23



Please Note

written by owen, 2013-Apr-22

No Credit cards for gas.

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No Swimming allowed

written by owen, 2013-Apr-15

Mona Reservoir, Kingston, Jamaica

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Ayo commented: Pains my heart to think that this has been attempted in the past. Right? Otherwise thee would me no need for such a sign. ... read 6 more

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