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Uncharted Review

written by owen, published 2022-Mar-06, comment

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This is a movie based on a game that was based on a movie. I am surprised that so many people did not know this was originally a game but alas if you do not follow the gaming world then it wont matter much. This movie is the classic tomb raider/indian jones adventure. Its an ok movie with lots of corny jokes. For people who like these kind of movies you will find an interesting movie in this package but for everyone else its a 6/10. rent it.

Typical annoyances are present with these kinds of movies that will make you question why god why would you do that? All I can say its that bad guys will be bad guys and somethings only exist to establish the scene.

If you are seeing this in 2d just note that this was made for 3d glasses so if any of the scenes look weird/fuzzy its because of that.

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GeoStorm - Movie Review

written by owen, published 2017-Nov-08, comment

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I cannot even remember the last movie I watched at the theatre but I missed Blade Runner 2048 because the theatre thought it was not popular enough to keep it showing for more than a couple days. Plus it was in 3d and I did not want to spend the extra money to see a movie in 3d because 3d adds VERY LITTLE to a movie. They make more money on the 3d movies so I get why they do it but it sucks really for everyone except the people making the money.

I do not have cable anymore so I am basically stuck watching local television or free stuff on Amazon Prime. Red Oaks is pretty good - if you can stand all the 80s references.

But I digress. I went to see Geostorm on a Sunday of all days. Who would have thought that so many people go out to the theaters on a Sunday night? That combined with the parking lot being resurfaced made for a whole lot of cars in the dust bowl at the back of Carib 5 with the usual guy doing donuts in his BMW for no apparent reason.

I dont know where all the people went because the room showing Geostorm was quarter full. They were probably seeing Thor or something else. But I was there to see a disaster movie. Geostorm turned out to be pretty bad. I mean really, really bad but with lots of CGI which I kinda expected from the trailor. The trailor spoils the entire movie. I was really looking forward to a good new world destruction movie but 4 out 10. terrible movie.

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The transporter: refueled movie review

written by owen, published 2015-Sep-05, comment

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Refueled is a ok movie. Not very good but it is ok. The movie is basically a big Audi advertisement filled with ass shots of skinny super models. All super models are skinny so that is kinda redundant.  Stuff happens, people get into the Audi, they talk to each other on their iphone 6s and more stuff happens. People get sucker punched for doing thier jobs. The movie is just full of assholes. The new guy is probably the biggest one.

The new guy suuuuuccckkkks compared to Jason. And he has the same accent which makes it hard to not compare the 2 actors.

The movie has some very nice aerial shots of France.

I give it a 5 out of 10. Very average action movie to the point of pointlessness. Pointless fighting, pointless dialog.  Wait until it comes out on cable or netflix. You will have more fun watching the original movie again.

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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

written by owen, published 2015-Aug-01, comment

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Rogue Nation is like what MI 6 or 5? I cannot even keep track. This movie is more of the same. Real stunts are still unecessarily unecessary. Alot of the actions scenes are just set up for action sake. You will not be disappointed but at the end of the movie you will be like meh, on to the next one.

BMW is the sponsor of this one and there seems to be an unlimited supply of cars and bikes that just appear at random places during this globe trotting movie. I am not even sure how these people get around in this day and age of flight delays and check-in lines.

My rating 6/10. Pretty forgettable. action, for action sake. Hunt is fearless and indestructable. You won't be disappointed but you might as well wait until it comes on cable.

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Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review

written by owen, published 2015-May-22, comment

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Well at least its not a remake is probably the first notable thing to point out. Mad Max: Fury Road might be the single most pointless movie to watch in 3d - avoid the 3d version if you can because it adds nothing to a movie set in a desert wasteland. This movie should never be watched in 3d - EVER. It took about like 15 minutes for my eyes to get accustomed to the glasses and the 3d-ness. Pointless.

At this point 3d is pretty much a movie goers annoyance and in small countries like Jamaica there is pretty much no choice on the matter, the theaters want to make as much money as they can, so I watched it, well I suffered through the movie in 3d.

Mad Max: Fury Road is a OK movie. A little above average at best. Its not a must see at the theater because it really does nothing that would impress a hardcore fan of the previous 3 movies. And the movie in general kinda wastes your time. The plot is simple with a few crazy characters and a classic Darth Vader bad guy.

My Rating 7 out of 10. Ok action movie. Not as good as people hype it up to be. Watch the old movies first. Wait until it comes out on DVD. Great practical stunts.

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