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Riverton City Dump Fire 1

written by owen, 2012-Feb-20

nukes portmore


Blackberrys - Why they are still cool

written by owen, 2011-Dec-27

I have been seeing a lot of BB hate recently. Some people will have you think that blackberries are going the way of the dinosaurs but I am here to tell you the reason's why BB's are still rocking it high in Jamaica and parts of the Caribbean.

Support / Backwards Compatibility

You can meet a hot girl on the beach or a party and pin her even though she is uptown and rocking a BB Touch 3 while you are rocking a Bold 1 - doesn’t matter its all the same thing. I see some people rocking the old BBs with the little ball that spins in the middle and I'm like waaa? Some guy said he replaced his ball like 10 times but just loves his phone so much that he will never get any of the new ones. On the flip side Android/iphone users sell their phones every six months i.e. if the screen doesn't crack first.

Battery Life

Until recently most BB phones are really slow, so they last a good 2 days on a single charge, even when you are typing away on BBM or scrolling through 4 gigs of pictures, its designed to conserve battery life. The few games you can actually get in the app store make it even easier to conserve battery life. No Apps IS a feature, lol.

Optimized for Slow Networks

Now let us be honest Jamaica probably has some of the slowest cellphone networks in Latin American ( sorry @gordonswaby the are never gonna call give us our own region ). I always watch television and see advertisements where lightning is falling from the sky and people are doing stuff so fast that they are doing them IN THE FUTURE. From my experience in reality, downloading anything on a cellphone in Jamaica is like Slow like honey. The BB often is able hide this and makes it a little more barable, plus it doesn’t lock up or check the network too often to the point where you have to start turning things off.

Data plans

Presently the blackberry phone plans cannot be beat, especially if you get the BB Social Plan it will save you some money for ONE EXTRA DRINK AT THE BAR. With the economy the way it is not many people can afford to dish out 3000 dollars a month to play Angry birds. I donot remember what the going rate is for data in jamaica but I think they charge PER MEGABYTE! Really? Until there is a cheaper way to download stuff over the network I don’t see myself getting a Android phone.

Old BBs still get Software Updates

As I said before there are some people in the BB world rocking some old phones - I am talking BBOS4 like there is no tommorow, yet they still work and are chatting like nobody’s business. Popular apps such as twitter and facebook still get regular updates every couple of months. This may be to RIM's downfall but you have to appreciate their ability to support older phones without making them slower.

Blackberry Phones are Cheap to Buy

No only the Data plans as mentioned before but the actual phone itself. I do not know about some people but I am not going to spend 600 USD on a phone when I could buy a laptop or a 30 INCH TV for the same cost - fts. Unless you like playing games on a small screen with bad touch controls, getting the latest most expensive cellphone is pointless and really most people do not have the money to dish out on things that cannot prevent AIDS. Although buying the phone directly from the cell companies is still ridiculously expensive it is easy to find on USED blackberry for sale and because it still gets updates its not that bad a compremise.

BBs are on 27/4

With a fixed monthly, weekly or daily BB prepaid plan you can pretty much rock BB around the clock except for that one week when the network went down for an entire week. Aside from that the BB network is pretty much always on, I don’t have to stalk WIFI networks at local restaurants to get my twitter updates.


Seriously I see 13 years olds rocking more expensive BBs than even I am able to afford. Don’t ask me what their hustle is but whatever, puss and dog no have the same luck. Point is no matter how big you hands or deep you purse the BB will usually keep working as long as you pop the battery every now and then plus keeping the ball clean.


If those points are not enough to convince you and you still want to play Angry Birds while you are driving down I95 then more power to you - just don’t crash in to anybody. There is no point to having all phones being big glass touch screens! Touch screens are annoying and only good for scrolling and swiping. Diversification in the phone market is the only way for it to survive. Having 50 types of Android phones is not going to make it any more attractive than the expensive iPhone. And lets not even mention WindowsPhone which has a fixed screen size and aspect ratio - U MAd Bro? Face it Steve Jobs have you guys beat and no matter how many new Android phones come out people will still think you are using a iphone. The Blackberry is what it is because it has a dependable, boring and simple.

Most people I see saying that bb is dead are people using androids and want more locals to join their party - its not going to happen - people want buttons. The 9900 maybe a faster curve with a touch screen and drains battery but its still a bb. Once the bb becomes an android phone it will lose all the things that make it unique. I don't understand why people can't see that.

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KB commented: You are clearly joking. Nothing you've said makes any sense, and your typographical errors (I hope they were just typos, and that you actually do know how to spell 'Megabyte') are atrocious. ... read 7 more

SRC/PIOJ: Innovate or Die - Nov 29, 2011 - What I learnt

written by owen, 2011-Dec-1

What I learnt from the SRC/PIOJ: 'Innovate or Die' Panel Discussion held at the Wyndham Kingston Hotel on Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011;

Services instead of products

Basically the only thing investers will fund are service industry activities. They are very easy and are of little risk to investers. Avoid anything physical, because it would require too much initial investment and the risk of failure is too much for the local market.

Food, Herbs and Food Additives

Do not even think of producing anything that is taken internally or are considered to be a medicine or food additive. It is simply too risky and investers are not willing to take a chance on anything that is removely difficult or requires a large amount of human testing or research. You are on your own.

Outsource your labour to other countries

At some point you will have to leave Jamaica. Find a country overseas for your factory where there is cheap labour and lower electricity rates. If you want to compete in the global market you simply cannot physically operate in Jamaica - its just too expensive.

Go big or go home

Avoid markets which are dominated by bigger companies because there is simply no protection for you in the global economy. The only way to compete is through efficiency, and if you are not as efficient as a multi-billion dollar company you might as well not try because your idea (if it is profitable) will be stolen in an instant.

The Jamaican Consumer Society

Avoid targeting the local consumer base in any large scale, at least in the long run, it will not support you. The Jamaican people are conditioned to buy overseas products in fancy packaging. Provide a service that is attached to foriegn product such as software apps, cellphone repairs or auto-mobile repairs, invest in fancy-high quality packaging. Build your customer base quickly and watch the market closely.

Government Policies

Better not to wait on the government to help you out. Government policies may do you more harm than good and will probably take 20 years to come to reality ( fruition ). The government is busy and is probably spending their money on more important things. You will have to be creative without putting yourself into too much debt - nothing tried - nothing done. Register your company and get the appropriate licenses for your operation, it may take a while and seem rather haphazard but at least you will reduce the chance of you getting raided and locked up by the police. Pay your taxes.

In Closing

Innovation is a tool. Stop doing the same thing over and over. Invest money in a research department and encourage employees to suggest ideas on improving efficiency and creating new products and services. Research is a investment, you may not see results today or tommorow but when you strike gold the returns will be 10 fold. Do not be afraid to try something new because you are never sure when the next iPad will come out and you will not be able to afford the USD to buy one.

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Gods Child commented: yeah, pretty much governments have proven they can't manage money, don't know what to do with the workforce, can hardly keep their private affairs private, and when they can't solve a problem, they just try to cover it up or start a war. So, yeah, you're on your own. ... read 2 more

Can 3-D save the cinemas?

written by owen, 2011-May-27

Avatar is the best 3d movie I've seen and most people will a test to that. Its not the amount of 3d shots but the quality of the shots IMHO. eitherway 3d is not going save the theatres if they continue to be greedy. People who watch movies every week (sometimes several times a week) will continue to do that no matter what happens but I personally will not be affected by the new influx of 3d movies because 3d doesn't add much value to the movie. In fact they just use it as another means of price rape. The theatres now have crazy ads before, during and after the movie. Its just a matter of time before they have scrolling message bars at the bottom of the movie. Movie theatres need to release that movies are no longer important to the general population. They have other stuff to distract them.

CINEMA group Palace Amusement has tripled its capital expenditure amid a Digital 3-D build-out project earmarked as a saviour in an industry ravaged by pirates, even while the firm continues to operate in the red.


If you triple your expenditure in a single year, how can you expect to re-cope that money during the same year?

They should work on keeping their loyal fans who love them and leave the rest of us alone. They should realise no matter what they do some of us just want to see one good movie every month or every quarter, we just want to watch the movie, we don't want to see advertisements or buy expensive snacks. We want to watch movie trailors before the movie starts, not cellphone advertisements. If we cannot watch trailors then tell us exactly when the movie is going to start so that we can come to the theatre at that time.

If they want to drive a bigger Benz then they should charge more for the movie but of course they know they cannot do that without making their regular weekly customers angry so I guess they are in a between a rock and a hard place. I have no problem waiting 2 years for a movie to come out on cable but I know movie buffs love their movies and I think that the movie buffs are the ones who suffer most in this period. I am the type of movie watcher that can see a worthless movie coming from just the name alone, even before I see the trailor. And worthless movies are EVERYWHERE. I have been punked by a dubious trailor before but it is a rare occasion. The movie industry is running out of ideas and they need us as much as we need them. 3d movies, superhero movies, remakes of old movies and explosions not enough to get me to come to the theatre every week, sorry, I have video games, internet and cable.

My suggestion is that they should enjoy their monopoly while it lasts and cater to their core audience who watch movies on a regular, treat then right and they will remain loyal and encourage their friends to fork out the money. But right now 3d is not going to make encourage other people give theatre more profit. If its more profit they want then they need to invest into more local movies and directors instead of sending all that extra profit overseas. Heck the local movies may suck in the beginning but with social media as it is, a good local movie will draw a crowd and ensure the continued improvement in quality. Better mus come - eventually.

Side Note on Bootleggers

Bootleggers really don't care about 3d and what makes matters worst is that 3d will never become the defacto standard of watching a movie at anywhere because it seriously gives some people headaches and adds very little to the movie experience. Advertise more and offer better deals in order to get more people to choose the theatre over bootleg, otherwise, watching a movie at the theatre will continue to be the exception as opposed to the norm for most people. You could always try banding the importation of flat screens into Jamaica, lol.

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owen commented: yeah the plot was pretty weak but I think there are some people who cannot see in 3d ( or the movie version of 3d ) ... read 3 more

Re: The ‘Shebadarization’ of Kartel

written by owen, 2011-May-19

This is a response to The ‘Shebadarization’ of Kartel by constructedthoughts. I will start addressing some points from his article then I will go off on a mad rant which has nothing to do with his article but more about Jamaica society in general. Anyway here goes;

Whether or not the commenter; Jack Andrews is a Kartel supporter does not make his point any less correct. Elephant man had his hair in a twist from ages ago, even had it "coloured" and it did not bring forth the Armageddon.

Shebada is a highly "respected"-ish and well paid actor that portrays a broad section of Jamaica's culture. Using his stage name in a derogatory manner only highlights your disconnection from that part of Jamaica's culture and likewise the people who he represents.

Pundits tend to draw for the "I'm not very familiar with dancehall but..." card which is fine but only paints a picture of ignorance rather than constructive opinion. Constructive opinion warrants an understanding of the subject matter. If you do not listen Dancehall then what do you listen to, how does Dancehall affect you if you manage to escape it death grip? If your entire argument comes from Dr. Hope’s 2006 book (PDF) then you need to read some more books.

Now your opinion is all well and good, I'm not sure if Kartel's latest attempt to bring forth the Armageddon will work. I thought sorely the bleaching fiasco and the daggering would have most have definately done it. But I guess the will of the Jamaican people is strong enough to resist one man's influence, even if we cannot resist the influence and oppression of our political parties and the "Gangs of Jamaica House".

I have said it before if Kartel has as much influence than you say he has then why don't we use him to stop the murders in our country and help our economy grow to the heights it truly deserves? Why not make him president? Why not him mayor of the Gaza? Of course none of these things will happen because the span of influence that Kartel has is only as much as the Jamaica people will allow him to have. The Jamaican people are not babies, sheep maybe, but not everybody lives on the same farm. We are all sheep, slaves to different masters. Despite what you may think the large majority of Jamaicans listen Dancehall music, sweep the roads early in the mornings and work for minimum wage so that they can buy hot clothes and hair extensions and eye liner and tight jeans. I am not going to look down on anybody because they cannot get a 9 to 5 job at a Jucci Beef. It is no longer acceptable to delegate the poor people of Jamaicans to a lower class of sheep. People who as you would say are "ghetto and loose and sketels". Is being uneducated or without a high school diploma make you any less Jamaican or any less capable of being a active part of Jamaican society?

Internet access and BB service is a luxury - not a birthright. They are many people in Jamaica society who can live well off for a whole week with nothing but the money you waste on these luxuries of the 21st century.

Of course anybody can sit on a high seat and critizise anything - its human nature. At this very moment I am sitting in mine, ranting like a mofo. I am sure some good will come from it, but criticism should come with a goal. Before you speak, know the goals: What problem is the work trying to solve? Is it that you want to rid Jamaica of everybody that wears tight pants? Drives around in 92 Toyota Corollas? Fags and Gays? Batty man? I have yet to understand what the final goal of all the attention that is aimed towards Kartel is suppose to produce. Train your child up it the way you want he/she to grow. Kartel is not a teacher, lol, he has just as much influence on your children and society as you do. But I guess most people would rather point fingers. Maybe Kartel is the problem with Dancehall? Or is Dancehall itself the problem?

Jamaica's motto is "out of many one people", though I'm not sure that still is the case because alongside the ghetto people, the uptown people, the tight pants people, the white people, there lives the passive aggressive people who live only to target the obvious of things without proposing any real solutions to any of the problems Jamaica faces today. OH NO SUICIDES HAVE GONE UP! LETS START A SUICIDE HOTLINE FOR OUR KIDDES. Per adults call in the dam line! Mass serial-love-triangle murder-suicide killings by Policemen. I told my mother that its only in the water in Manchester so she does not have to worry. I'm sure the NWC is looking into the issue. The truth is, the times are getting hard and harder for people and we need to band together and look after our neighbours and MAKE SURE THEY ARE ALRIGHT. And when I say neighbours I mean YOUR LITERAL NEIGHBOURS. Don't leave your yard and go preach to the hedonists in Half-way-tree when you sister is dating a married man or your father is not filing his tax returns while under paying his employees and over charging his customers so that he can afford his expensive S-Class Benz that he drives around by himself everyday. Jamaica is going to hell but not all of us are dammed, the young will rise again and when we look at them we will hate them for their youth. Why? Because a so it go, life is a bitch.

Anyway don't condemn people because they dress a certain way or work in Burger King or are rocking a old school BB 8300, all of us do not have the same opportunities and some of us are just dam lazy, especially the dam big grown ass man dem that wipe car wind-sheilds at intersections - annoying bastards.

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Jamaipanese commented: One thing is for sure there is something definitely wrong with Kartel and by extension the droves of sheep who live off his every word. I sense this all will lead some big explosion, can't wait. ... read 4 more

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