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written by owen, 2014-Sep-4

I've had one since July and I can't even put money on it recently since the flood of people trying to get one now. I still think they should just hand out the cards though because collecting your name and address to get a bus card is not gonna deter thieves from stealing it. Thieves do not care.


Smarter card chaos

written by owen, 2014-Sep-2

They is nothing move convenient than cash. But the Jamaican urban transit company seems to want to open bank accounts for all its customers. They should just give away the cards and make it easier and faster to put money on them instead of wasting people's time.

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Blackberry Bus

written by owen, 2014-May-22

Soon to be yellow

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Smoke Area

written by owen, 2013-Oct-23

Well since you basically can't smoke anywhere in Jamaica because of the new Anti-Smoking laws there are still signs that exist in some parts of Jamaica that I sure will provide some kind of loophole for smokers.

I took this picture close to St. Catherine heading to Kingston on Highway 2000.

Who shall they go after next? Jet Ski Operators? Handcart operators?


No Trespassing

written by owen, 2013-Oct-3

So there is this stretch of rough black sand beach in front of the Airport in Kingston. The beach is very rocky so there is nothing you can do there but stand around and collect pebbles. Sometimes I would go there and look at the ocean whenever I needed picked someone up from the airport. There is even a lighthouse. The NMIA seemed to have acquired funding for some new signs. Recently I noticed that a company installed swipe cards on the doors to bathrooms in a office building - there has got to be so sort of building code against that but you can't expect anything good to come from companies nowadays - its all about the money. Oppressors trying to force people underground. This my friends is the future: "Jamaica: No trespassing".

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TC Givans commented: Yeah, we parked in front of that sign a couple months ago and picked pebbles with the kids:) In fact, there seemed to be a cycling group that had made it their meeting point that morning too. ... read more

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