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Tru Juice Guava Pineapple

written by owen, 2015-Apr-15

It rarely disappoints. At frenchman's cove, Portland Jamaica.


Redstripe sorrel

written by owen, 2015-Jan-12

I don't know. Beer mixed with sorrel goes against my rule of pointless mixing of things. If you want sorrel; drink sorrel. If you want redstripe, drink a redstripe. Mixing the 2 is pointless.

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Tami commented: I should try it. Your word limit annoys me. ... read more


written by owen, 2014-Dec-24

We be drinking. Merry Christmas all.

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Muscadine Juice

written by owen, 2014-Dec-8

Just seems like expensive grape juice to me. I mean its ok but still.

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Anonymous commented: agreed, dont rly see that being anyting else other than expensive great juice and marketting ... read 1 more

On the menu: pegasus

written by owen, 2014-Dec-6

The current state of liquor. Prices in JMD. Per glass on the rocks.


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