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I would take up painting

written by owen, 2 days ago

If I didn't already have some many hobbies and unfinished projects. :(

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Hangin out at Suncape

written by owen, 14 days ago

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Light reading

written by owen, Fri, 25th Nov at 2:23 pm

Saw this is someone's office and figured I will breeze through it during a slow day. Published in 1996 or there abouts

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Randoms July 2016

written by owen, Tue, 05th Jul

Like rain, tax, after lightning the thunder claps.

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Out and Around town

written by owen, Mon, 27th Jun at 7:32 pm

Most of my smartphone pictures end up being blurry on the computer but look fine on a tiny phone screen. Oh the irony that is modern consumer tech.

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