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is it proper or permitted for any restaurant to mix decaf and regular coffee together

This incident happened at a casual restaurant. I seen the waitress mix the two coffee's together and I was very upset for numerous reasons. Health reasons being the most crictical reason.

written by flo, Sun, 30th Nov 2003 at 11:37 am , Answer this question 4

shade answered: i don't drink coffee at all, but (i'm guessing here) wouldn't it taste weird? ... read 3 more

What are your top 10 favorite songs?

List your favourite songs. Tell me, I want to know!

written by owen, Thu, 30th Oct 2003 at 11:23 am , Answer this question 20

shade answered: (in no particular order) beautiful day - u2 excerciser - rhubarb tears simone - antiskeptic not the same - ben folds 99 red balloons - goldfinger roseability - idlewild careless fair - paperadio last kiss - pearl jam commercial for levi - placebo goodbye - plankeye creep - radiohead temptation - the tea party 10.. 13.. i can't count ... read 19 more

what is a colon

i need to no for a health and social care lesson

written by sara, Wed, 08th Oct 2003 at 7:34 am , Answer this question 4

What is a physiotherapist

I am to see one

written by alzine, Tue, 07th Oct 2003 at 7:20 am , Answer this question 4

owen answered: oh wow, your going to see a physiotherapist and you don't know what they do? I need better reasons for these questions. Anyway physiotherapists deal with physical therapy : the treatment of disease by physical and mechanical means (as massage, regulated exercise) Mostly neck and back problems, and sports injuries ... read 3 more

Why do airlines use the twenty four hour clock?


written by NOC, Mon, 06th Oct 2003 at 3:58 pm , Answer this question 10

owen answered: now this is one of those questions you hope people never ask. Yes it is a lucid question. The 24 hour clock is obviously better. Why is it better? because the 12 clock is simply not efficient. And the [b]training[/b] is simply not a good enough reason for anybody to answer that question. ... read 9 more

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