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How big is an oyster when it is born?

I ask, because it is my project and I search all over but I can't find it.

written by jeans, Wed, 01st Oct 2003 at 5:16 pm , Answer this question 1

the fool answered: Depending on how technical you are (aka smart) it's either 160 micron or 45 micron relatively. Based on what I think is your definition of being "[b]born[/b]". [bu]Read[/bu] [url][caption]Knysna Oyster Company (Pty) Ltd: Oyster Facts[/url] [url][caption]How does an oyster grow?[/url] [url][caption]Oysters[/url] ... read more

Can you go back in time to kill your parents?


  • You build time machine

  • You go back in time
  • You kill your parents

If you kill your parens then you will never be born

  • You were not alive to build time machine
  • You were not alive to go back in time
  • You were not alive to kill your parents

If your parents aren't killed then you will be born
  • You build time machine
  • You go back in time
  • You kill your parents

written by CKnight, Thu, 04th Sep 2003 at 12:21 pm , Answer this question 16

Leifi Plumeros answered: If there's one thing I like more than pu***, dimethyltryptamine, beer, masturbation, midgets and pie... It's killing my parents. ... read 15 more

Do you believe in love?


written by Tracy, Tue, 02nd Sep 2003 at 12:59 pm , Answer this question 15

owen answered: this is a trick question isn't it? ... read 14 more

What do you do with your money?

satisfy my technolust.

written by owen, Thu, 28th Aug 2003 at 7:04 pm , Answer this question 4

Nicola answered: I put it back on my money tree ... read 3 more

What would you do if you were invisible?

Not only transparent but untouchable as well. Wait I am am invisible - technically. :|

written by owen, Thu, 21st Aug 2003 at 4:29 pm , Answer this question 120

AainaalyaA answered: I already am invisible/invincible ;-) .. wait.. what's that mole doing on your back? has it been there since birth, or did you just "developed" it out of curiosity? AA ... read 119 more

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