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Interview Questions

Would you rather be wealthy (top 10% of the world) and unknown, or make minimum wage and famous?

Id rather be wealthy and unknown, because altho famous ppl have more influence, as a wealthy person I can extend my influence by supporting famous ppl who are making the changes I would like to make. They can get things done and I can be happy that I made my contribution. I dont care so much about fanfare, just results.

Are you tired of chicken?


What does the internet need?

a better display of my skills before i give up internet programming

Which Celebrity do u fantasize about sleeping with?

probably all of them at some point in time.

10 ways to live longer?

diet, rest and exercise. Especially diet. Make sure you have your 6-8 servings of whole grains and your 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables, cut back on protein, fats and sugars. Only eat the amount of protein your body requires. The hardest of the above is the whole grains because most of the grains we eat today are not whole, infact they are processed. The rice, the wheat has all be processed of the essential lipids and sterols which reside in the husk of these grains. In order to get this back into your diet, I strongly suggest "Tre-en-en Grain Concentrate" and to supplement your fruits and vegetables I strongly suggest "Caratonoid Complex".

Cricket or Baseball?

baseball, but i am american, so i am clearly biased. plus cricket cause me lots of trauma in younger days because it came on during the time that should have been slotted for cartoons. Damn bastards! Cricket lasts days, what the hell for!!

Logbook » Ivan the Terrible

written by alex, published 2004-Sep-14, comment

Now Im talking from position of having actually gone through the storm. Where I was wasnt too bad, I didnt see the damage I was preparing for, but most areas of the island experienced loads of damage. Yes, there is not water at home, not electricity. It sucks!! But of course my workplace had to have electricity so they could demand I come in to work. Its surprising thought that the phonelines were up throughout the storm. The looting did take place and I am not surprised. I heard so many gunshots. Yiiikes!! But all in all, lets forget about the flood and wind damage and pray that Lovindeer doesnt record another song.... Wah Wah!! Wild Ivan!

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The Common Denominator of Success

written by alex, published: 2004-Jul-13, read 12642 times.

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