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On a good day Jammy is female child, hangs around a place called "barbados".

I eat lots of vegetables!


I have big/bright eyes, or so I have been told. I have a passion for learning and love to read. I tend to be analytical and curious in nature. Sometimes I chat alot, but who doesn't. Oh and I am from the sweet island of Barbados, so that would make me an island girl. :)


Design, Architecture, Art, Photography, Food, Music, Travel

Interview Questions

Pool, what is it good for?

Possibly it's good for pool parties, but give me the ocean any day.

Washing machines, what are they good for?

Washing shoes.

How would you let down a person who wants to date you, but you just aren't interested?

Just tell them you not interested, but for some reason that doesn't work in Jamaica. Even if you tell them you have a boyfriend, they don't really care.

What animal or insect would you be?

I'd like to be a butterfly. I can fly and smell the flowers.

How long would you stay at your job if you could be guaranteed the salary you want plus the benefits you need but would have to do very boring and repetitive work?

well, that's a good question. Some people stay alive although there life is very boring and repetitive. But maybe 5 years.

Where is the strangest place that someone has ever tried to flirt with you?

I just have strange encounters where people try to flirt with me in Jamaica.

The random photo journal » Catepillar

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Black and and yellow...

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Into the Blue » Between Heaven and Earth

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Taken while on route to Barbados from Jamaica

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  1. welcome to the fan club. I hope you enjoy your stay

    by owen 2010-Feb-08 

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