1. Well I have had my Whirlpool for over 5 years now and it still works fine! It washes my clothes quite well.

    by Stunner 2009-Sep-03 

  2. it's good for only a few years normally. i'd say 5-7 years before something could go wrong....sometimes sooner depending on how many times it is in use.

    by Aurie 2009-Sep-05 

  3. My Aunt had her machine for 14 years. I gave it away last year and replaced it with a newer model. Things are no longer the same.

    by Tami 2009-Sep-16 

  4. If you could get the center portion out it would be a really tall washing tub.

    by Gods Child 2009-Sep-23 

  5. naw, who has the space for that? its huge!

    by owen 2009-Sep-24 

  6. washing, sex eh/

    by jayrulez 2009-Dec-13 

  7. Washing shoes.

    by Jammy 2010-Feb-03 

  8. to clean ur dirty cloths

    by marqthompson 2010-Mar-02 

  9. Makes life easier

    by Apocalypse 2010-Apr-14