1. Beyonce,why? Yuh nuh si her ass? ....well not to be with as I couldn't afford her but it would be nice to... ;)

    by Stunner 2007-Nov-10 

  2. FYI - TV puts on 5 pounds on everyone. Beyonce aint gots nuttin on me.

    by Tami 2007-Nov-12 

  3. MB!!, a one informer question that I can't answer that at all... but i'll say this she is one of the sweetest person i have ever met ... yep she got it all like that ... intelligent, sexy, and a personality to die for .... a think a say too much already [hysterical]

    by bobby 2007-Nov-10 

  4. same thing I was saying

    by owen 2007-Nov-10 

  5. Cho, Bobby, I know say is Jamaican Dawta you talking about... huh? Island Spice? Maybe? Talk!

    From you admit that there is someone like that, you might as well spill the beans!

    by mad bull 2007-Nov-11 


    So bobby....u cant leave we high and dry so???????m [mocking]

    by marangand 2007-Nov-10 

  7. Yuh toooo fasss, cho man... lef mi bizniz

    by bobby 2007-Nov-10 

  8. hmmm.. so many to pick from.

    well I am drooling over Keyshia Cole now :D

    by Adrian 2007-Nov-11 

  9. this is turning into the Which Celebrity do u fantasize about sleeping with? question

    by owen 2007-Nov-11 

  10. Owen i feel and see their pain too [trouble]

    by Bee 2007-Nov-11 

  11. It is a much safer way to answer the question...see how everybody want to know bout bobby!!!! me included!!!!

    by marangand 2007-Nov-11 

  12. cheaters!!!!! [nasty]

    by owen 2007-Nov-12 

  13. what? I can't understand the question.

    by Gods Child 2007-Nov-12 

  14. either me too simple or this site too confuriating :S

    but anyhoo i wanna be wit.....bordenzllmarvimorgin :D yep wrap dem all up into one sign seal and deliver :D

    by Irie Diva 2007-Nov-12 

  15. confuriating? uhmm it takes a little getting accustomed to but it makes sense trust me . Try eating or drinking hard liqure before you visit.

    by owen 2007-Nov-12 

  16. Listen people, bobby talking about me.
    Anyways sorry bobcat but my heart is with someone who i can dominate at least for a little bit, if you up to the score providing your wife dont mind watching, link me!

    feels so good to be bad...

    by Tami 2007-Nov-12 

  17. Yippppeeeeee yes yes yes yes i have struck gold ... or have i??? mmmmmm????

    by bobby 2007-Nov-12 

  18. after re-reading and having a light snack for brain power I am happy to say, I'd really be trying to get back with the person I'm with

    by Gods Child 2007-Nov-12 

  19. @ God's Child : But lets say that there was no chance at winning him back? What then?

    Cho! Oonoo boring eeh?

    Ok, let me give a couple of examples of the type of answer I was expecting...

    Well, there was this girl I was going out with just before my current lady, [name withheld]... she was really irie, and is really she left me after I cheated on her one time and she found out... I was really in love with her, I wish I had never cheated on her. I feel like she was my soulmate, and I went and spoiled a perfect thing! I would probably like to try getting back with her again, if I wasn't with my current woman.


    I had an affair with [name withheld] about X years ago and my wife found out. She and [name withheld] had a great battle and she ended up telling [name withheld]'s husband about us, and we eventually ending the affair and I stayed with my wife, as I wasn't really sure [name withheld] was the right one for me and it would be terrible for me to break up both our marriages and then find out that we weren't able to make it ourselves, but if my wife and I ever broke up, I would have to give [name withheld] a check again still!


    Bwoy, you want to see say there is this irie young ting working at Digicel's main office, she name [name withheld], me sure say she like me and she is so effing hot!!! She is about five ft three, with blonde hair to about her shoulders and she has a really nice chest region and great overall shape and from what I've seen she has this vivacious, exciting personality! Dayum! I would definitely put in a word if I wasn't with my girlfriend.

    See what I mean? Ladies, all my examples are from a man's point of view because I am a man, but I know women have these same issues where they can think of some guy that they sort of have in the back of their minds too. Its a human thing, after all! Give me your stories! Come on, now!

    Now, all ah oonoo, try again! After all, I am willing to bet that your significant others are not reading Or are they? Hmmmm....

    by Mad Bull 2007-Nov-12 

  20. Mad, you are not going to get anything out of these people, they are like this girl I was longing for what seems like for ever and all she do just go round and round man like say man no have nutten fi do wid him time. "All show no go"

    by owen 2007-Nov-12 

  21. Bwoy, Owen, nothing beats a trial but a failure

    by Mad Bull 2007-Nov-12 

  22. up to now I still vex, I have a new question up my sleave though. Hopefully with less loop holes than this one

    by owen 2007-Nov-12 

  23. why did 2 out of 3 examples involve cheating?

    by Gods Child 2007-Nov-13 

  24. Why not? You don't like my examples? No problem, G.C., you can come up with some examples too. Better yet, tell me the real deal. I am waiting...

    by mad bull 2007-Nov-13 

  25. Okay
    if there was no hope of reconciliation such as silly breakup leading to him finding someone else, getting married and having 55 children with no room for anyone else then I think I would just have to jump in a lake.
    there is a really cute guy who seemed to like me who is a friend of a friend. Older, has a 14 y/o daughter, a little too short, a little too slim, but seems very passionate. Satisfied?

    by Gods Child 2007-Nov-14 

  26. mmmmmmmm is he rocket man by any chance...... interesting, interesting in deed ...Hi GC [mocking]

    by bobby 2007-Nov-14 

  27. @ GC : Yes!
    @ the rest of you : Well? Weh oonoo story deh?

    by Mad Bull 2007-Nov-14